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June 13, 2014: Portland, Maine. Anne's unveiling

old friend Sam Zaitlin

Eli Enslow and Katherine Thorner

Jackye Pearson Enslow and Dorian Sobel

Debbi Waldman Pearson and daughter Jackye Pearson Enslow

Randy Baer Lewis, Steve Lewis, and Claire Supovitz Glovin

Birthday boy Richard Thorner, Ann Resser Thorner, Ellen Stack and Len Sobel

Elaine Millman Alexander, Molly and Jack Cinamon

Claire Glovin and Debbi Waldman Pearson

Niece R and her dad Len

May 25, 2014: Vermont: Thorner Family Reunion for Wedding of Alex & Leslie Krigstein
Top row, L to R: Rick Thorner, Paul Thorner, Richard Thorner, Nancy Thorner, Tracy Thorner
Front row, L to R: Sam LoCurto, Hayden Morris, Logan Morris, Katherine Thorner

3/7/2014: Manchester, NH: Cousin Katherine Thorner (daughter of Richard Thorner and Ann Resser) on her most excellent 7th birthday!

3/7/2014: Cousin Charlotte Johnson (daughter of Scott Johnson and Stefanie Thorner) on her first birthday.
Charlotte and Katherine are to one another third cousins once removed.

800 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA
Ann Chandler 8/6/1941-11/17/2012

November 17, 2013 Remembering Ann. Photo by Jill Friedman
Front row from the bottom step, left to right: Karen Chandler; Miriam Valesco, Laura
Second row: Ying Lee; Ann Marie Hogan; Barbara Stack; Phyllis Hoffman; Andy Hoffman
Third row: Roberta Brooks; Mary Ann; Helen Burke; Jane Martin, Charlotte McCaffrey; Carole Norris; Deb Todd
Standing: Kerry; Sharyn Peterson; Kume Nietfeld; Noah Fish; Mike Fish; David Taylor
Also there but not in picture:  Jerrie Meadows, Rachel Kahn, Royce Kelley.

Dorian Sobel graduates May 10. 1013
May 10, 2013: Houston: Dorian Sobel Graduation Day!


March 24, 2013: Houston: Len Sobel and Ellen Stack's Seder. Ben Gettleman photo.

Wonderful Trip to Texas

February 26, 2013: San Antonio, TX: L to R: Alice Thorner, Katherine Thorner, Rick Thorner, Len Sobel, Ellen Stack, cousin B, Barbara Stack, Ann Thorner and Richard Thorner.

February 24, 2013 Houston: BTS and niece Dorian Sobel. Ellen Stack photo.

1954 Thorners Birthday Party
1954: Dover, NH L to R standing: Mel Thorner, Izzy Stack, Bertha Thorner, Anne Thorner Stack
Seated: Ellen Stack, Arnold Thorner, Irving Thorner, Cousin B., and Barbara Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

February, 1983: New Orleans: Aunty B gives Niece R her first bath. Photo by Ellen Stack.

Happy 35th Anniversary Len & Ellen!

8/15/2012: Niece R in UCB Botanical Garden art installation. © Barbara Toby Stack.

8/15/2012: Barbara Stack in UCB Botanical Garden
8/15/2012: Barbara Stack in UCB Botanical Garden. Photo by Niece R.

July 22, 2012
: Remembering Bebe Supovitz Baer at Old Orchard Beach, Maine: L to R: Rear: Stephen Lewis, Len Sobel, Anita Lewis Damiano, Ellen Stack, Steve Baer, Jonathan Lewis, Larry Glovin. Middle: Melissa Lewis Kemen, Claire Supovitz Glovin, JG, Randy Baer Lewis, and Ted Schwartz. Front: Ella and Sara or Sara and Ella Schwartz, Jack Schwartz.

July 14, 2012
: Celebrating Molly's 85th birthday (7/13) at Ocean Garden, Gorham, Maine: L to R Rear: Alan [Laurie Cook's bf], Sarah [Jessie's gf], Susan Isenman, Alissa Popovich [Scott's gf], Andrea Schwartz, Liz Weber, Susan Schwartz, David Rabold, Scott Rabold, John Schwartz, Sam Corbman, Olivia Schwartz [John's wife]. L to R Front:Burton Cook, Helen Cook, Helen Isenman, Jessie Posilkin, Molly Cinamon, Jane Cinamon Corbman, Toby Cinamon Rabold,   Jack Cinamon, Kent Gordon [family friend], Mitch Posilkin [Sue Shwartz husband]

5/10/2012: Dori Sobel and Anne Stack

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