Articles About Barbara T Stack



2/16/2019, Berkeley Daily Planet, SMITHEREENS: Reflections on Bits & Pieces, Gar Smith

"On Feb 15, 2019, Barbara Stack, the dedicated steward who looks over the Free Speech Movement Archives (FSM-A), flashed word that had received its first online visit from a resident of Ho Chi Minh City."

6/2/2018, Berkeley Daily Planet, Save the Murals, Gar Smith

"But there's a small artistic glitch. Barbara Stack, administrator of the Free Speech Movement Archives ( recently pointed out a historical error: 'The mural shows [Free Speech leader] Mario [Savio] on the cop car with shoes, whereas we know he was, famously, in stocking feet. Any chance that might get corrected in the restoration?' [Note: The squad car, sent onto Sproul Plaza to arrest a political organizer, was surrounded by students who proceeded to turn the trapped vehicle into an impromptu podium. Mario and others carefully removed their shoes so as not to damage the police car.]"

11/15/2011, The Daily Californian, Lost and found: Mario Savio's reflections, Robert Cohen

"The lost letter was penned by Savio on Dec. 4, 1964, from Santa Rita Prison, where he and hundreds of students had been sent after being arrested for nonviolently sitting-in at Sproul Hall. The letter, which Savio had sent (or intended to send) to his parents, brother and grandmother, was discovered by Barbara Stack as part of a project -- funded by FSM veteran Thom Irwin of the Free Speech Movement Archive -- to gather and inventory the papers of FSM activists."

4/8/1981, Valley Advocate, Contradancing is Nothing New, Amy Singer

"Fiddler Barbara Stack, who gave up teaching and graduate study to work fulltime as a musician, compares a good caller to a good teacher: 'You have a whole room, and you have to have reliable, successful ways of dealing with it. A good teacher has the ability to teach everybody in the classroom, and for me, that's also the mark of a good caller. It's the caller's nature to have a real attentiveness to the crowd so that everyone has a successful evening.'"

2/12/1981, Daily Hampshire Gazette, Concert to benefit lung association, Photo by Frank Truehart

"REHEARSING for the Feb. 21 benefit concert for the American Lung Association are, seated, Bob Stone and Barbara Stack. Standing are, from left, Doug Gray, Joe Santaniello, and Kei-Thomas Maruyama."

6/14/1980, Daily Hampshire Gazette, Fine tuning on a fine day, Photos by Gordon Daniels

"BARBARA STACK and Nicholas Hawes took advantage of yesterday's weather to provide some outdoor entertainment for passersby on Main Street." [photo]

1/19/1980, Daily Hampshire Gazette, Pick of the week, Peter Sikowitz

"We visited the coffeehouse on a Tuesday night when Irish music was on the bill and it was very crowded." [BTS note: Band "Empty Pockets" with Mark Kramer, Karen Simon and Barbara Stack was performing and is pictured.]

9/28/1977, Amherst Bulletin, Ladies Chain picks up the contradance tempo, Sarah Fader

"Some of the women indicate that they would like to make their living as musicians. For the immediate future, however, Ms. Stack doesn't see any big changes. 'I see that we'll continue to deal with the issues-becoming more skilled musicians and dealing with the real changes involved in doing it professionally.' She adds, 'There is a possibility that our lives will take some of us away, but I'm willing to work as if I knew for sure that I could commit myself, say, for five years.'"

9/8/1977, Daily Hampshire Gazette, These Ladies have a Chain of their own..., Laura Barr

"I probably wouldn't have gotten involved if it wasn't a women's group says Miss Stack. She believes that People do notice the band is all female and have something to say about it, although may not admit that."

12/3/1976, The Daily Collegian, 'Stacking' Up the Grad Senate, Fifi Ball

"My role often here, where I'm dealing with those kinds of issues, is having always to be sort of the big-mouth-bitch who has to remind people ... and repeat it, so whenever these people see me come into a room, they'll think graduate student, I'm the only one who's making those noises."

12/4/1975, Boston Globe, UMass tuition to go from $300 to $525, Nina McCain

"Barbara Stack, president of the graduate student assembly called the meeting 'a ritual.' She said: 'We are gathered here to consecrate a decision already made. We are gathered here in holy collusion.'"

5/16/1975, The Daily Collegian, Officials, students agree after sit-in, Bill Densmore

"UMass administrators and a group of up to thirty-five students reached agreement late yesterday afternoon after the students and their children staged a six-and one-half hour sit-in in the office of Chancellor Randolph W. Bromery." [photo of BTS]

5/7/1975, The Daily Collegian, GSS unanimously elects Stack to presidency, Al Colarusso

"Stack said, 'I realize the political scene is changing drastically at this university and there is a dissatisfaction with traditional channels.'"

4/24/1973, The Daily Collegian, Grad Senate Elects Muller, Stack Officers, Jim Lindsey

"The Graduate Senate met last night for their annual election of new officers by that body. The results were that John A. Muller was elected as President; Barbara Stack, Vice-President; Karen Erickson, Treasurer, and Pat Brown, Secretary."