9/28/2019 Berkeley: L to R: Anthony Yes, Melissa Blue Chu, Christine Hsia, Andrew Cheng.
Four of Milly Rosner's former students (also former Oakland Youth Orchestra and Cello Bash cellists) reunited after 10+ years. Most of the group no longer plays cello regularly, but the four cellists gathered for a casual reading party and warms up with "Now the Day Is Over" a default piece Milly enjoyed having her cellists play at workshops and Cello Bash. YouTube

Melissa Blue Chu's San Diego Cello Bash
May 18, 2019 Program

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Cello Bash!


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100 Cellos


May 30, 2005

St. Joseph the Worker Church

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We welcome everyone from young students

up through our Bay Area's most esteemed artists




George Cleve • Bonnie Hampton • Karla Lemon

Michael Morgan • David Ramadanoff • Eugene Sor


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From the program of the 1997 Cello Bash:

The Cello Bash originated in 1973 when Berkeley cello teacher Milly Rosner planned a gathering for her students as well as the students of fellow teachers. Each year saw a growing number of cellists wanting to participate. In 1995 a record 110 cellists came together to celebrate the joy of the cello and be part of the Bay Area of cellists. For the younger students this is an extraordinary opportunity to play new music and, most importantly, with a large group of cellists and mature professionals.


Milly Rosner

It is interesting to note that on January 23, 1977 Milly’s student Emil Miland performed as winner of the Oakland Youth orchestra Concerto Competition. More than twenty-five years later she’s still making winners! Michael Morgan has called Milly “a force of nature.”


S A N | F R A N C I S C O | C L A S S I C A L | V O I C E A project of the San Francisco Foundation Community Initiative Funds SYMPHONY REVIEW New Talent on Display

March 9, 2002 By Michael Morgan


This concert also presented the winner of the symphony's 36th annual Young Artist Competition. The program listed the previous winners, which included Jon Nakamatsu, Mark Anderson and Robin Sharp, so hopes were high. Cellist David Requiro, age 17, exceeded all expectations. He performed the all too-rarely heard Cello Concerto of Gerald Finzi with total conviction. Every note was imbued with the kind of purpose and emotion one rarely hears from soloists of any age. From brilliant passage work to the poignant slow movement, this was a performance you wouldn't soon forget. Requiro has everything - musicianship, poise, dazzling technique, and even that great undefinable, star quality.


Much is owed to fine teachers

Musicians like Requiro, who is from Oakland, do not flower without excellent training. His early teacher, Milly Rosner, is one of the Bay Area's unsung heroes in the arts. She has a devotion and genius for teaching the very young and from her they get a grounding that leaves them limited only by their own talent and hard work. She exemplifies the teachers who are the most important to the future of music. Her role is not as glamorous as teaching at Juilliard, but the impact is greater. The reason the Fremont Symphony's Young Artist Competition can produce the level of winners it does is that the Bay Area has teachers like this.


From Milly's collection of cello programs (pdfs with OCR):

1973 11-17-18 Four Cello Class Recitals
1974 02 23-24 Cello Recitals
1974 04-06 Cello Class Recitals
1974 06-15 Recitals
1974 12-21-22 Recitals
1976 06-04 A Recital of Sonatas
1976 06-09 Six Recitals
1976 06-12 A Recital for Cello and Piano
1993 05-08 Cello Bash
2012 01-07 Cello and Piano Recital
2012 04-21 Celebrate Milly


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