The family of Chana Schleger and Rabbi Moses Rokeach

Chana Schleger was the 3/4 sister (same father, Avrum Michel; mothers Rochel & Toba Yecht were sisters)
of my maternal grandmother, Rebecca (Brucha) Schleger Nelson Thorner.
The parents of both Rochel and Toba were Isaac Yecht & Anyeh Resnick

NOTE: The Schleger family took the name Nelson in the US

Joe Chandler's Family History new!

Joe Chandler:
"One of Rochel's daughters, Chana (Anna), was married to the Rabbi Moshe Rokeach and they have an extensive family in the New York area."  


New! Schleger/Nelson Family Matrix

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Nelson Family Photos
I speculate whether one of the two young women flanking my great grandmother Toby might be Chana.

Chana Schleger (-1915) and Rabbi Moses Rokeach (1868-1939)

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Kevarim webpage on Rebbe Rokeach

Their Children (click on name to download pdf of source documents)

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Rachel Leah Rokeach, b: 9/10/1892, Lokacze, Ukraine
    + David L Schneiderman m: 7/16/1929, Manhattan, NY

Chaye Enie (Ida per Joe Chandler) Rokeach, b: 4/25/1895, Lokacze, Ukraine; m: 9/3/1931
    +Max Kaplan: b: 1/1/1892, Minsk

Rifke/Rebecca Rokeach b: 10/3/1987 or 11/10/1897, Dubno, Ukraine; d: 3/14/1993, Queens, NY
    + Chaim Buchman b: b: 4/5/1888, Kiev; m: 2/24/1920, Kiev; d: 6/3/1971, Queens, NY

Rose Rokeach b: c 7/15/1901, Lokacze, Ukraine; m: March 1934; d: October 1983, NY
    + Leo Baumrind b: c1909 CT; d: July 1987, NY


Rabbi Rokeach, per his June 28, 1924 Manifest, was going to join his brother-in-law Hersch Katz in Portland, Maine.
Katz was a founder and member of Anshe Sfard Chassidic Synagogue.

Joe Chandler's Rokeach Trees

November 30, 1996
"My grandfather was a Chasidic Jew."
Bessie Robinson Loeb's grandfather was David Robinson, ne Yecht, born 5/5/1851 in Lokacze, Ukraine and died 7/21/1918 in Portland, Maine
She was a great granddaughter of Isaac Yecht and Anyeh or Rosa Resnick.
Her parents were Abraham Robinson and Nellie Spegelman
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Evidence that Yecht family was Chassidic

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