FSM iconic Sather Gate Photos
November 20, 1964
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November 20, 1964: March to Regents' Meeting
L to R: Mona Hutchin, Ron Anastasi, ... John Leggett, John Searle, Michael Rossman, Jack Weinberg, Sallie Shawl, Mario Savio, Ken Cloke.
Bob Johnson photo ©FSM Archives All rights reserved

Sathger Gate from UCB Library site
Sather Gate from UCB Library site

FSM Sather Gate SF Chronicle
6/9/2002, SF Chronicle, Trouble on campus, Seth Rosenfeld,
The Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley, which began in 1964, led to sit-ins and large-scale protests -- and a secret campaign by J. Edgar Hoover to discredit those involved as a threat to national security. Chronicle File Photo

FSM Sather Gate CC Times
9/28/2004, Contra Costa Times, Free speech at 40, Martin Snapp,
Marchers pass through Cal's Sather Gate 40 years ago to present their position on the Free Speech controversy to a meeting of the UC Board of Regents at University Hall. (Steven Marcus/Bancroft Library)

FSM Sather Gate Goines Childrens Crusade
Goines, The Free Speech Movement, “Children’s Crusade”--similar to, but not the photo on p. 336, where Don Kechley is credited.

Chris Kjobech photograph. Oakland Museum Collection
L to R: Mona Hutchin, Ron Anastasi, John Leggett, Morton Paley, and John Searle (faculty); Sallie Shawl, Michael Rossman, Mario Savio, Hilbert Coleman, Ken Cloke.