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Non-White FSM Arrestees and Participants

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FSM Arrestees. See full list here

Shirley Ann Arimoto
Patti Iiyama
Carol Murayama
Miye Takagi Cayton

Dan Paik

Roberta May Alexander
Hilbert J. Coleman (probably deceased)
Howard Jeter (deceased)
William P. Lindo, '66
Jean Golson Moule video

Liane Chu Corcoran
Warren Yee

Cortés, Michael E.
Hernandez, Luis Santiago
Rodriguez, Carl
Silveira, Edward Joe  (or Jose)

Howard Jeter

"Never trust anyone over thirty," said Jack Weinberg.

The yentes included Bill Mandel on the Executive Committee, Socialist historian Hal Draper, Howard Jeter of the Democratic Party, psychiatrist Neal Blumenfeld, attorney and activist Ann Ginger, pacifist Ira Sandperl, firebrand Brad Cleaveland, Women for Peace activists Alice Hamburg and Madeline Duckles, Vivian Hallinan, Jessica Mitford, singer and activist Barbara Dane, and clergy including Rev. James Fisher, Walter Herbert, and Hillel Rabbi Joseph Gumbiner. Attorneys Bob Treuhaft and Peter Franck, Marilyn Noble, Moe Moscowitz, and many more. --Barbara Toby Stack

Howard Jeter photographed by Howad Harawitz
November 9, 1964: (frame 27_RT1) FSM Howard Jeter et al by Howard Harawitz

November 23, 1964: (frame 038) by FSM Howard Harawitz

October 1984: FSM 20th Annversary Commemoration: Michael Rossman photo

Civil Rights Digital Library
Howard Jeter was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1917. After moving to California Jeter spent most of his adult years championing civil rights and advocating fair housing. Though not a student at University of California, Berkeley, Jeter became involved in the school's historic Free Speech Movement during the 1960s. He died in April 2007 at the age of 89.

2007 04-19: Oakland Tribune Obituary

2007 04-23: Daily Cal Obituary

By Howard Jeter

Howard often about the FSM, often as a member of the Seventh Congressional Democratic Club

1965 circa: University of California Regents Reform Now!!!




FSM Inspiration

Tracy Sims, now known as Tamam Moncur

Chronology of Events Three Months of Crisis - Part One From the U.C. Berkeley alumnii magazine California Monthly

September 15 The Ad Hoc Committee to End Discrimination -- led by former Berkeley student and Slate founder Michael Myerson and by Tracy Sims, leader of the Palace Hotel demonstrations -- announced plans to picket the Oakland Tribune for the third Friday in a row, and held a noon rally at the Bancroft and Telegraph entrance to the Berkeley campus.

September 16 1. Presidents or chairmen and advisers of all student organizations received a letter from Dean of Students Katherine A. Towle, dated Sept. 14, announcing that, effective Sept. 21, tables would no longer be permitted in the 26-foot strip of University property at the Bancroft and Telegraph entrance, and that advocative literature and activities on off-campus political issues also would be prohibited....

Harvey Richards: Civil Rights Leader Tracy Sims Civil Rights Leader, She Inspired Us All

FSM@40: Free Speech in a Dangerous Time (2004)
Panel: Berkeley and the Black Freedom Struggle: Then and Now: Waldo Martin*, Mike Miller*, Tamam Moncur (Tracy Sims)*, Hardy Frye*, Josie Hyman* [BAMN], Cassie Lopez* (#) (International House)

Website of Tamam Moncur

Tracy Sims was an inspiration to me. At the 1964 Sheraton Palace demonstrations--I think there were 8 or 9 of us females of 187 arrestees—it was my first arrest. I was frightened, and Tracy held school for us while we waited hours and hours for bail. I was schooled by Tracy in inspiring ways.”
–Jackie Goldberg, 8/17/2020



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