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David Robinson was the Son of Isaac Yecht.
His sibs included Toby Yecht Shlager Nelson, Malkah Simma Yecht Schiff, Fayga Yecht Cahn, and Joseph Yosel Filler.

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November 30, 1996
Carl Loeb interview of Bessie Robinson Loeb Bondy

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Evidence that the Yechts were Chassids

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Robinson photos

Robinson Genealogies here

David Yecht Robinson Chia Ida Lapides Robinson

5/5/1851 Lokacze, Ukraine
came to US in 1892
7/21/1918, Portland, Maine

c 1855-11/19/1946
came to US in xxxx
David Robinson Etta Lapides Robinson
circa 1895 circa 1895

Dovid son of Yitzchak
Smith Street Cemetery, Portland, ME

Eta daughter of Chiam Eliezer
Smith Street Cemetery, Portland, ME

Max Robinson
+ Bessie Lerner
Rose Robinson Abrahamson
+ Lazarus Abrahamson
Abraham Robinson
+ Nellie Spegelman
Morris Robinson
+ Fanny Goldberg or Fastovsky
Jacob "Jake" Robinson
+ Rose Nelson
Ida Robinson Kumin
+Frank Kumin
Hyman Robinson
+ Molly Sheinfeld
Sam Robinson Benjamin Isaac Robinson
+ Antonia Selden

1868-71, Kovel
came to US 1897
d: 10/2/1938 Portland, Maine

c 1874
came to US 1893

c Jan 1876
came to US 1892
8/18/1942, Worcester MA
1/15/1879 Lokacze, Ukraine
came to US 1895?
2/15/1880, Kovel
came to US 1893?
7/14/1944, Portland
c 10/1883
came to US 1895
8/4/1961 Massachusetts
c 2/1886 Kovel
came to US 1895
c 9/1887
came to US 1895
c 5/1892 Kovel
came to US 1895
7/15/1969, Montreal
1912 circa       1965 circa
Smith Street Cemetery, Portland, ME
Menachem Mendl son of Dovid
Smith Street Cemetery, Portland, ME
Rosie daughter of Dovid
Smith Street Cemetery, Portland, ME
Avraham son of Dovid
Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Portland, ME
Yacov son of Dovid

Bnai Brith Lodge Cemetery, Worcester, MA
Chaya daughter of Dovid

  Louis Abrahamson Louis Robinson
Ann Robinson Leman       Elaine Robinson
12/28/1906, Portland, ME
4/4/1959, Portland, ME
8/30/1942 wedding photo
  Leah Abrahamson Israel Isadore "Robbie" Robinson
Isadore Irving Robinson       David Z. Robinson
9/14/1909, Portland, ME
  Hyman Abrahamson Bessie Robinson Loeb Bondy
Joseph H. Robinson       Jonathan Joseph Robinson
    1/2/1903 Portland, Maine
9/13/1997 Laguna Hills, CA
8/10/1916, Sanford, ME
      6/11/1929, Quebec, Canada-
  Sadie Abrahamson Silverman Harry Robinson
    2/2/1905 Portland, Maine
4/22/1991 Worcester, MA?
  Albert Abrahamson Sam Robinson
    7/23/1908 Portland, Maine
11/30/1962 Houston, TX

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