Oldstein/Altstein/Aldstein/Altsztejn/אלטשטיין/Альтштейн Family Photos

Sarah Aldstein b: 20 July 1865 in Nowy Dwor, Poland d: 26 August 1952 in London, UK
+Isaac Greenbaum b: 1866 in Poland; d: 21 Nov 1938, London

Max Greenbaum
b: 1890 in Poland +Rose Hymanson

Rachael Greenbaum b: 1892 in Poland d: Abt. 1969 in London, UK
+Isaac Bialick b: 1888 d: 1988 m: 1913 in London, England

Millie Greenbaum b: 27 Jul 1898 in Nowy Dwor, Poland d: Oct 1974 in NJ
+ Chaim Hyman Dultz b: 25 Sep 1895 Nove Dvor, Pol d: 17 Jan 1986 in Fort Lauderdale, FL m: 7/12/1920 NYC

Annie Greenbaum b: 1900 in Poland d: 18 March 1939
+Harry Packer

1913 Children of Sarah Aldstein and Isaac Greenbaum
1913, London: Children of Sarah Aldstein and Isaac Greenbaum: Annie, Rachael, Max, and Millie. Valerie Kent collection.

1913, London: Engagement Rachael and Isaac Bialick. Valerie Kent collection.

Augustus Gus Bialick
1916, London: Augustus "Gus" Bialick. Valerie Kent collection.


1920, London: Back: Max Greenbaum, Annie, Millie, Isaac Bialick; Middle: Rosie Greenbaum holding 2nd child Manny, Sarah Aldstein Greenbaum, Gus, Isaac, Rachael; Front: Philly Greenbaum and Freda. Valerie Kent collection.


1920 circa Stachowitz Family
1925 USA circa Stachowitz Family in Maine: Top: Sam; Middle, L to R: Fanny, Millie Greenbaum Dultz, Frances Dultz, Hyman Dultz ("Hymie," whose mother was Ethel's sister), Ethel Oldstein Stachowitz, and Isaac.
Front: Jack and Izzy. Fanny Supovitz and Bebe Baer collection.

1925 circa, London: Freda Bialick, Grandfather Isaac Greenbaum and Gus Bialick. Valerie Kent collection.

1927 circa, London: Freda and Gus Bialick at Gus' Bar Mitzvah. Valerie Kent collection.

1927, London: Philly, Manny and Freda Greenbaum. Children of Max and Rosie. Valerie Kent collection.

1929 circa, New Jersey: Hymie, Millie, Frances and Harvey Dultz. Valerie Kent collection.

1939 circa, London: Freda, Isaac, Rachael, Betsy Waldman, Lillian, John Waldman. Valerie Kent collection.

1943, London: Valerie and Freda Kaye. Valerie Kent collection.

1945, London: Bialick Family: Back left: Freda, Reuben, Gus, Lillian and Isaac Bialick; front Rachael Greenbaum Bialick and Valerie. Valerie Kent collection.

1945 London: L to R: Sarah Aldstein Greenbaum, Freda Bialick Kaye, Lillian Bialick Rose, Rachael Greenbaum Bialick, Valerie Kaye Kent. Valerie Kent collection.

1950 circa, London: Isaac Bialick, Rachael, Sarah Greenbaum, Rosie and Max Greenbaum. Valerie Kent collection.

1950s, London: Rachael and Isaac Bialick. Valerie Kent collection.

1952, circa, London: Sarah Aldstein Greenbaum, postergirl. Valerie Kent collection.

1961, New Jersey: Valerie & Freda visit Hymie and Millie Dultz. Valerie Kent collection.

September 27, 1968: London

1985, Haifa, Israel: Barry Kent, Valerie, Freda and Isaac Bialick. Valerie Kent collection.

1988: Isaac Bialick turns 100. Valerie Kent collection.

1988: Isaac Bialick at 100 clipping from the Frances and Len Oldstein library via Ian Oldstein.

1997, NJ: Harvard Dultz, Frances Goldenberg, Tess Dultz. Valerie Kent collection.

2004 L to R:  Sara, Noam Rave and Nufar Rave (Orit's daughters), Orit, Barry, Lillian, Freda, Valerie and Gisela's legs!  In front is Amy and Gus. Valerie Kent collection.

2010, circa: siblings Freda Kaye, Gus Bialick, and Lillian Rose. Valerie Kent collection.

November 10, 2013, The Docklands & East London Advertiser,
Remembrance Day services mark the two-minute silence across Tower Hamlets

One of the many veterans at the service was 99-year-old Augustus Bialick, who was born in Whitechapel in 1914 and took part in the invasion of Sicily in 1943. Mr Bialick, the son of a Polish Jew who also served in the British army, said: “I’m here to pay my respects to the men from the Merchant Navy who died in such a terrible way.”


March 17, 2014, Halcyon Wharf, Docklands, London:
sibs Gus Bialick on his 100th Birthday, Freda Kaye (age 96), and Lillian Rose (82). Sara Kent photo.

April 27, 2014: Freda Kaye 97th Birthday. Looking great!

The Guardian, Tuesday 13 May 2014, Centenarian Gus Bialick brings his 'living history' to schools
Gus speaking of WWII memories Gus in London Jewish Chronicle

Gus is featured in the 2015 BBC Four-hour documentary, "The Greatest Generation." 1 2 3 4


April 27, 2015: Freda Kaye dances for her 98th Birthday!

April 30, 2015, London Jewish Chronicle, This is why we are proud to call Britain Great

Local lad Gus Bialick was also in the throng. His father Isaac had escaped persecution in Poland at the turn of the century, paying people-traffickers for a passage to America but landing, penniless, in London. Here, he found sanctuary and settled, making a family and establishing his tailoring business.
Gus, born in 1914, had experienced the worst the Depression could inflict on poor families and was watching events in Europe with alarm. "I was afraid for the older generation because we never knew what the future held for us. Fascism was growing in great strength and it was a difficult period. The fact that we were young Jews made us drift towards the Communists, for the simple reason that they were the ones who were fighting Fascism the hardest.'' The BUF did not pass in Whitechapel but the fight against Fascism had barely begun.

November, 2015: Iris Goldenberg Katz & Eddie Katz

April 27, 2017, Bishops Stortford, UK: L to R: Valerie Kaye Kent, Natalie, a Chaytow cousin of Mel's; Barry Kent; Mel's husband Barry Angel; Melanie Angel; Sara Kent.
Valerie was recently tracked down by her first child, Melanie Joy, who was adopted by Ann and Harry Chaytow. Val and all her kids get together for the first time.

April 30, 2017, Bishops Stortford, Herts, UK: Freda Bialick Kaye 100th Birthday party (BD was April 27).
L to R: Front row:  Amy Hurst (Sara's daughter), Freda Kaye, Lillian Riley (Freda's sister)
Middle row: Orit Lavee Kent (Barry's wife), Valerie Kent (Freda's daughter), Leon Hurst (Sara's son), Tony Riley (Lillian's husband)
Back row: Barry Kent (Val's son), Jeff, Sara Kent (Val's daughter)

June 24, 2017, Clavering, Saffron Walden, Essex, UK, The Cricketers: Iris and Eddie Katz visit from the US.
L to R: Sara Kent, Ed Katz, Iris Goldenberg Katz, Amy Hurst, Leon Hurst, Valerie Kent

June 24, 2017, Bishops Stortford, Herts, UK: Freda Kaye and Iris Katz visit in the garden.

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