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Oldstein photos

1915 circa: Rose and Hyman Stachowitz. Hyman was Isaac's brother. From the collection of Sheila Julius Schwartz

1920 circa Stachowitz Family
1925 circa Stachowitz Family in Maine:
Top: Sam; Middle, L to R: Fanny, Millie Greenbaum Dultz, Frances Dultz, Hyman Dultz ("Hymie," whose mother was Ethel's sister), Ethel Oldstein Stachowitz, and Isaac.
Front: Jack and Izzy. Fanny Supovitz and Bebe Baer collection.

1920 circa Stachowitz Brothers
1925 circa Stachowitz Brothers--L to R: Jack, Izzy, and Sam. Fanny Supovitz and Bebe Supovitz Baer collection.

Isaac and Ethel Stachowitz
1927 circa Isaac and Ethel Stachowitz. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1925 circa Izzy Stachowitz in Knickers
1927 circa Izzy Stachowitz in Knickers. Fanny Supovitz and Bebe Supovitz Baer collection.

1926 circa Izzy Stachowitz
1927 Jordan High School, Lewiston, Maine, Graduation photo. Izzy Stachowitz. Fanny Supovitz and Bebe Supovitz Baer collection.

1937: Ethel Stachowitz (clutching purse) sets sail on the Queen Mary to visit her Oldstein sisters in London and her daughter Betsy in Paris. She had a great trip!

1930s circa, Ethel and Isaac Stachowitz. From the collection of Sam & Hilda Stack/Allan Stack/Marsha Stack Sylvia.

1938 Circa Izzy Stachowitz
1938 circa: Izzy Stachowitz Fanny Supovitz and Bebe Baer collection.

Ethel Oldstein Stachowitz and Isaac Stachowitz
Ethel Oldstein Stachowitz and Isaac Stachowitz. Lewiston, Maine. Fanny Supovitz and Bebe Baer collection.

1948 May 9 Stack family at Irving Thorner wedding
May 9, 1948: Boston, Hotel Bradford: Irving & Bertha Thorner wedding
L to R: Izzy Stack, George & Betsy Waldman, Saul & Fanny Supovitz, Jack & Ida Stack, Bebe Supovitz, and Anne Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Ethel and Barbara Summer 1948
Summer 1948 at Old Orchard Beach: Ethel Oldstein Stachowitz with granddaughter Barbara Toby Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

BTS and Ruthie and Clair Supovitz Dover 1948
1948, Dover, NH: Barbara Stack with Ruthie and Claire Supovitz (collage). Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1948, Dover, NH: L to R: Johnny Waldman, Milly Robinson Waldman, George Waldman, Betsy Oldstein Waldman, Milton Waldman. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1951 Fanny and Stack girls
February 1951 in Lewiston, Maine: Fanny Supovitz, Barbara Stack, Ellen Stack and Anne Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1958 Waldmans and Stacks
1958 Watertown: L to R: Milton Waldman, Izzy Stack, Anne Stack, Ellen Stack, Milly Waldman, Betsy Waldman holding Sherry Waldman, Ruth Waldman, Johnny Waldman. Photo by Barbara Stack.

circa 1959, Lewiston, Maine (Ida & Jack's house):
L to R: Steve Baer, Bebe Supovitz Baer, Randy Baer, Danny Rosenberg (son of Doris Stackowitz Rosenberg). Photo by Barbara Stack.

circa 1959, Lewiston, Maine (Ida & Jack's kitchen):
L to R:  Izzy Stack, Fanny Supovitz, Bobby & Dolores Stack, Danny Rosenberg, Randy Baer, and Ida Stack. Photo by Barbara Stack.

Jack and Ida Stack in Dover 1960
1960 in Dover: Izzy and Anne Stack, Ellen Stack, and Jack and Ida Stack photo by Barbara Stack

1960, Dover NH (?): Stack men about to fire up the grill
L to R: Izzy, Bobby, Jack

1966: Virginia Beach: Danny Rosenberg's Bar Mitzvah: Sam and Hilda Stack, Ida and Jack Stack, Betsy Supovitz, Anne and Izzy Stack, Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1968 5 Stack sibs
L to R: Jack Stack, Fanny Stachowitz Supovitz, Sam Stack, Betsy Stachowitz Waldman, Isadore Stack, Julie Glovin (Fanny's Granddaughter)
1968, Waldman home in Watertown, MA, photo by Barbara Stack

John Ruth & Debbi Waldman 1969
June, 1969 at my Brandeis Graduation Party: Ruth, Debbi and John Waldman. Barbara Stack photo.

Milton, Milly Sherry Waldman
June, 1969 at my Brandeis Graduation Party: Milly, Sherry and Milton Waldman. Barbara Stack photo.

Larry Govin, kids and Fanny Supovitz June 1969Claire Gloven June 1969
June 1969: Larry Govin, Steven, Jeffrey, and Julie and Fanny Supovitz...and Claire Glovin. Barbara Stack photo.

1973, Waterbury, CT: Jack and Ida Stack and Sam Stack. Photo by Bobby Stack. Heidi Rosenberg Hauser collection.

1984 Congressional Award Jack Stack
1984 Congressional Award Jack Stack. second from left. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1997, Bayside, NY: L to R:
Josh Baum, Elijah Baum, Bob Stack, Ben Baum. Lorraine Stack Baum collection.

January 15, 2006: Houston: Anne Stack's 90th Birthday party:
L to R: Dan's daughter Amanda, her son Zane Adams, Dan Rosenberg, Anne, Don Rosenberg. Larry Gettleman photo

Rosenbergs 5 generations
February 20, 2011, Houston: Five generations:
L to R: Gen4 Amanda Rosenberg Adams, her kids Gen5 Addison Adams & Zane Adams,
Gen3 Dan Rosenberg, Amanda’s husband Derek Adams,
Gen1 Anne Stack (Don’s wife Doris was Anne’s husband’s niece), and Gen2 Don Rosenberg. *Richard or Ann Thorner photo*

June 13, 2014: Portland, Maine: Anne Thorner Stack unveiling: Debbi Waldman Pearson and daughter Jackye Pearson Enslow. Barbara Stack photo.

June 13, 2014: Portland, Maine: Anne Thorner Stack unveiling: Randy Baer Lewis, Steve Lewis, and Claire Supovitz Glovin. Barbara Stack photo.

November 8, 2015: Dallas, TX: Stachowitz Second Cousins meet up for first time:
L to R: Sheila Schwartz, Ellen Stack, & Ronni Einsohn.
Ronni and Sheila are the daughters of Ruth Stachowitz and the granddaughters of Hyman & Rose Stachowitz.

Girls with watches
July 30, 2017, Peabody, MA: L to R:
Ellen Stack, Debbi Waldman Pearson, Claire Supovitz Glovin, Julie Glovin

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