Barbara Toby Stack 1972-1981 in Massachusetts

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1971, St. Didier au Mont D'Or, France: M. & Mme. Humblot and Sandrine Humblot. More of my pix here.

Summer, 1971 at the French convalescent home Chateau des Halles in the Loire Valley, France.
The crutches to the left are mine. L to R: ??, Franco's mom, whom I met in the hospital in Lyon, Selma, Franco, and me.

March 18, 1972, Durham, NH: Joyce Maynard and her mother, my teacher, Fredelle Maynard. Picador paperback 1999.

September 9, 1972: Concord (NH) Monitor: Women--Seminar Topic

December 4, 1972: University of Massachusetts at Amherst Daily Collegian: Grad Senator Barbara Stack convenes Womens' Caucus

April 24, 1973: University of Massachusetts at Amherst Daily Collegian: Grad Senate Elects Muller, Stack Officers

May 7, 1975: University of Massachusetts at Amherst Daily Collegian: GSS unanimously elects Stack to presidency
I made it clear that I was willing to use a wide range of means, including sit-ins. I was also working the committee system and various organizing tools.

May 13, 1975: University of Massachusetts at Amherst Daily Collegian: Cross-campus undergrad-grad student coalition coordinating our messages.

May 16, 1975: University of Massachusetts at Amherst Daily Collegian: BTS in photo
We'd almost clinched the childcare deal in committee, but it needed a little push. That committee handed me an adorable redheaded tot to carry across campus and look after inside.
We initially occupied seats in the waiting area and gradually expanded the scope of the kids' play space.
When I led the little redhead over to the space in front of the copy machine, the Chancellor's excellent Office Manager declared,
"We can't get any work done with these children underfoot." Bingo. That was our message. The Chancellor got the message.
Then I was off the the Trustees Meeting in Boston.

September 9, 1975
, p16, University of Massachusetts at Amherst Daily Collegian:: Women and Language

December 4, 1975: Boston Globe: Our message was that we well understood that our sham participation was legitimizing the process.

April 28, 1977: Recommendation to MA Parole Board;
we kept Leonard Boudin on retainer just to keep the administration wary.

September 8, 1977: Daily Hampshire Gazette: Ladies Chain formation. Full article here

1977: Studies in First and Second Language Acquisition: Stress Acquisition
This work under Tom Roeper's grant was of my own design

September, 1977: My first undergrad course offered in The U. Mass. Inquiry Program, Charles Adams, Director

July 10, 1978: Back in the good graces of Dr. Randolph W. Bromery

September 22, 1978: University of Massachusetts at Amherst Daily Collegian:
Another placard, carried by Barbara Stack, quoting feminist Shulamith Firestone, read,
"Because the class oppression of women and children is couched in the phraseology of ‘cute,” Firestone observed, “it is much harder to fight than open oppression."
Stack further quoted Firestone' "Oppressed groups must appear to like their oppression," Stack observed.

June 14, 1980: Daily Hampshire Gazette: Catching up with Nick Hawes. His sisters were part of the FSM!

Fall, 1980: U Mass Amherst, Inquiry Program course: Truth Telling

December 9, 1980: Daily Hampshire Gazette: Gospel music rings true (concert review)
I did occasional reviews and previews for the Gazette during 1980-81. See list here

April 2, 1981: Horace Clarence Boyer letter to BTS
12/9/1980, Daily Hampshire Gazette, Gospel music rings true
"'Take your time,' Boyer urged.' Yes, take your time,' echoed the congregation among the audience." ...
"The PVFS began something Friday night. Spiritual practice grows with teaching and repetition.
Teachers are among us. I urge the Folklore society to convene this would be congregation again next season."
We later briefly corresponded when he was at the Smithsonian.

February 12, 1981: Daily Hampshire Gazette: Benefit Concert for American Lung Assn.

1981 08 18 Barbara Toby Stack in Union Reel
August 18, 1981, New York City. Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors with Union Reel Band

September 22, 1981: Daily Hampshire Gazette: Sweet Honey gives rousing show
"It was a diverse and adoring audience of nearly a thousand which gathered at Smith College's John M. Greene Hall
Sunday afternoon to celebrate the soaring and telling voices of Sweet Honey in the Rock."

1983: Northampton Federation of Musicians, Local 220 AF of M.

1983: Mark Kramer, Invasive Procedures, New York: Harper & Row


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