Barbara Toby Stack 1981-1989 in California

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March, 1981: Valley Women's Voice, page 6
Adrienne Torf
Local Girl Makes Good
by Barbara Stack

I replied. "to us it looks like you are all headed east" "Nope," she insisted "You are all coming west."

January 15, 1982: The Berkeley Gazette: Barbara Stack and Adam Heilbrun

July 29, 1982, Berkeley @ Marcia's: Len Sobel, Barbara, Pavlos Daskalakis, Ellen Stack in rear.

Fromers, Walden & Stack 1983
June 10, 1983: New Space, Valencia St., SF: L to R: Eleanor Walden, Irving Fromer, Barbara Stack, Jon Fromer

June 2, 1984: Oakland Festival at the Lake: freelance producing job: Teenage Fashion Show

August 11 & 15, 1984: Oakland: Fiddling and Reading at Mama Bears.

Berkeley Mayor Gus Newport Certificate
1985, Berkeley

April 26, 1985: New Orleans: JazzFest
I was volunteering and had lots of freebies, but this backstage pass came from my brother-in-law, the facility stage manager

BTS 5-1985 NOLA
May, 1985: New Orleans. Photo by Len Sobel.

Fall, 1985: New York City: Layout job for Downstate Nuclear Freeze.
Also booking and traveling with an anti-nuclear theater show, writing ad copy, and fiddling.

September 17, 1988:
Berkeley: with digital Niece Dori. Photo by BTS.

September 17, 1988: Berkeley: with digital Niece R. Photo by BTS.



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