Barbara Toby Stack 1990-1999 in California

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July 20, 1990: Berkeley: I produced this reading for friend and poet, Carol Rubenstein.
Suzanne Head, Ruth-Inge Heinze, and Judith Meyer also spoke.
The nightbird sings : chants and songs of Sarawak Dayaks

The set I introduce Judith Meyer Suzanne Head Ruth-Inge Heinze Carol Rubenstein Carol


November 1, 1991: San Francisco: Dressed as Captain Hook for Tony Serra's Halloween party.

VR in Berk Dec 1991
December 1991: Virtual Reality--Virtuality-- in Berkeley. Photo by Jay McLaughlan.

October 30, 1992: San Francisco: at Floating Lotus Gallery
Looks like a contemporary Blue Mahakala from Nepal, painted in 14th century Nawar Style.

Fall, 1992: Berkeley Youth Orchestra Board Secretary.

1996: Oakland, CA: Progressive Asset Management
the nation's first full service broker dealer to specialize in socially responsible investing (SRI)
Eric Leenson, co-founder, President
Peter Camejo, co-founder, CEO

November 15, 1998: Oakland Youth Orchestra Executive Director
Harold Lawrence, Michael Morgan

December 30, 1999: WILPF Life Membership, a gift from Alice Hamburg

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