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Betsy. Claire Supovitz Glovin collection.

1918 Milton Waldman and Betsy Waldman from US Passport Application.

1921 Milton Waldman and Betsy Waldman from US Emergency Passport Application.

1925, Deauville, France. Milton, Betsy, and cousin Roger Waldman, whom I met in Paris in 1970. From the collection of Sam & Hilda Stack/Allan Stack/Marsha Stack Sylvia.

1925, Deauville, France. Milton, Betsy, and cousin Roger Waldman, whom I met in Paris in 1970.
From the collections of Fanny Stackowitz Supovitz/Bebe Supovitz Baer/Randy Baer Lewis.

circa 1930: L to R:Front: Roger Waldman, possibly Victor Waldman, Milton Waldman;
Middle: Berthe Spelman Waldman, Bourah Waldman;
Rear: ?, ?. (perhaps Roger's parents Isaac Waldmann and Rosalie Sidlovski?) Rachel Waldman, possible Rachel's fiancé Abraham Karfiol, Jean/John Waldman, Betsy Stachowitz Waldman, George Waldman.
collection of Debbi Waldman Pearson. (c) Barbara Toby Stack and Deborah Waldman Pearson.

1938 circa Milton Waldman in Trouville, France. Valerie Kent collection, UK.

1939 circa, London: Freda Bialick, Isaac Bialick, Rachael Greenbaum Bialick, Betsy Waldman; Front: Lillian Bialick, John Waldman. Valerie Kent collection, UK.

July 12, 1941: Paris: Johnny's Bar Mitzvah. Debbi Waldman Pearson collection.

1942: Johnny Waldman. Debbi Waldman Pearson collection.

1945 circa, Lewiston, Maine, probably on a bridge spanning the Androscoggin River between Lewiston and Auburn,
shortly after the Waldmans returned to the US, when Johnny was about 17. Debbi Waldman Pearson collection.

October 13, 1945, Lewiston Evening Journal. Deborah Waldman Pearson collection.

Milton Waldman enlisted November 18, 1940. Burma? Anne Stack collection.

1948 May 9 Stack family at Irving Thorner wedding
May 9, 1948: Boston, Hotel Bradford: Irving & Bertha Thorner wedding
L to R: Izzy Stack, George & Betsy Waldman, Saul & Fanny Supovitz, Jack & Ida Stack, Bebe Supovitz, and Anne Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1948, Dover, NH: L to R: Johnny Waldman, Milly Robinson Waldman, George Waldman, Betsy Stackowitz Waldman, Milton Waldman. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1952 circa: Watertown, Massacusetts,: Rachel Waldman visiting with George and Betsy. Debbi Waldman Pearson collection.

1953, Boston. Northeastern University Yearbook: John Waldman.

1958 Waldmans Stacks Horne Street
1958: Dover, NH: George & Betsy Waldman, Johnny & Ruth Waldman, Anne & Izzy Stack, Ellen Stack. Barbara Toby Stack photo.

1958 Waldmans and Stacks
1958: Watertown, MA: L to R: Milton Waldman, Izzy Stack, Anne Stack, Ellen Stack, Milly Waldman, Betsy Waldman holding Sherry Waldman, Ruth Waldman, Johnny Waldman. Barbara Toby Stack photo.

1958: Anne Stack plays hop a chick with Sherry. Anne loved this photo! Barbara Toby Stack photo.

1960: Watertown: Sherry in foreground; Izzy and Anne Stack, Milton and Milly Waldman in dining room. Notice Milly's shoes! Barbara Toby Stack photo.

May 16, 2019: "Cousins" Facebook page
Barbara Toby Stack: When Sher Waldmann's father Milton visited Paris he used to bring back high fashion shoes for his beautiful wife Milly. Do you recognize these?
Tony Carel: Oh yes! This is the shoes we used to do in the Sixties!

1968 George Waldman
1968 Watertown, George Waldman. Barbara Toby Stack photo.

1968 5 Stack sibs
L to R: Jack Stack, Fanny Stachowitz Supovitz, Sam Stack, Betsy Stachowitz Waldman, Isadore Stack, JG (Fanny's Granddaughter)
1968, Waldman home in Watertown, MA, photo by Barbara Toby Stack

Milton, Milly Sherry Waldman
June, 1969: Milly, Sherry and Milton Waldman at my Brandeis Graduation Party.
Diane, your cousin Debbi very much wants to be in touch! Contact me. And now you're found! Barbara Toby Stack photo.

John Ruth & Debbi Waldman 1969
June, 1969: Ruth, Debbi and John Waldman at my Brandeis Graduation Party. Barbara Toby Stack photo.

June 13, 2014: Portland, Maine. Debbi Waldman Pearson and daughter Jackye Pearson Enslow. Barbara Toby Stack photo.

February 13, 2016: Somewhere in Maine: Reunion of the Waldmans!
L to R: Jackye Pearson Enslow (Debbi's daughter), Sher Waldmann,
Debbi Waldman Pearson, Victoria Rosario (Sher's daughter)

June 23, 2022: Paris: Debbie Waldman Pearson with Tony Carel

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