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Oldstein/Altstein/Aldstein/Altsztejn/Stone/אלטשטיין /אלשטיין/Альтштейн Family

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Oldstein Family Photos

Doba Tsipra Altstein B: 1857 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Pol; m: 6/12/1874, Nowy Dwor; d: 10/5/1927 London
+ Jojchem Chaim Altstein Oldstein b: 1856 Poland; d: 8/27/1936 London, England

Doba’s Parents
Efraim Altstein b 1828-1831 Poland + Frida Rifka of Pincus, b: 1836, Poland
Joichem’s Parents
Uanocha/Enoch Altstein + Elka Michaelovitch

Elka Altstein Stone b: 13 Oct 1877 in Nowy Dwor, Maz, Pol d: 23 Jul 1945 in Toronto
+Towie Davis (Knecht) Levy b: 6/5/1872 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Pol d: c 1946 m: c1898 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Pol
Ester Raizel Rosa Altstein b: c 1885 d: c 1976 in London
+Simon Metzger b: Abt. 1883 in Austria d: 1937 m: 15 Mar 1903 in London; d: 1937
Pinchas Philip Altstein Stone b: c 1888; d: 12/14/1976 Toronto
+Fanny Biback b: Abt. 1893 m: 21 Aug 1912 in Toronto; d: 12/14/1976 Toronto
Rochel Ray Oldstein b: 6/14/1889, Poland; d: 6/6/1950, London
+David Rosenberg b: 9/5/1888; m1912, London
Harry Hersz Oldstein b: 3/19/1896, Poland; d: 1976 Redbridge, Essex, England
+ Millie or Amelia Milberg b: c1894; m: 1931 London; d: 4/4/1977 UK
Morry Altstein

At the town of Nowy Dwor, date June 12th 1874, got married
Chaim Altsztejn aged 18, [1856] son of Uanocha   And Elka of Michaelovitch family.
The wife is Doba Zipora Altsztejn, aged 17, [1857] daughter of Froime and Frida Ryfka of Pinkus family.
The Altsztejn family lives in Nowy Dwor (Russian language)

1911 England, Wales & Scotland Census
101 Oxford St Stepney London E, Mile End Old Town, London, England
Jacob Oldstein      Head   Married           Male    Gentlemens Tailor       50        1861
Debby Oldstein     Wife    Married           Female -           53        1858
Rachel Oldstein    Daughter         Single  Female Milliner            20        1891
Harry Oldstein      Son      -           Male    Student           15        1896

from Jewish Gen
OLDSTEIN, Debby  buried 05-Oct-1927 age 75     Edmonton Cemetery K-6 01a

The stone:
An esteemed and modest woman, a woman of valor, Mrs. Doba Tzifra daughter of Mr. Ephraim, wife of Mr. Yohanan son of Mr. Henoch died on 9 Tishrei 5688 (1928). sic
And her husband Mr. Yohanan son of Mr. Henoch died on 9 Elul 5696 (1936).

Mrs. Doba Tzipra/Tzipora daughter of Mr. Ephraim, L3 - wife of Mr. Yochanan son of Mr. Henoch, L4 - died the ninth of Tishrei 5688 by the small count, L5 - (acronym for) May her soul be bound in the bond of life.

OLDSTEIN, Jacob     buried 27-Aug-1936 age 83    Edmonton Cemetery K-6 01



1 Moszek son of Froim
.. +Cypra
..... 2 David Altsztein b: 1802 in Mlawa, Poland d: in Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
......... +Elka Drozdowicz
............ 3 Efrem Altstein b: Bet. 1828 - 1831 in Poland
................ +Frida Rifka of Pincus b: 1836 in Poland
................... 4 Ethel Oldstein b: 1/8/1872 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Pol d: 3/1/1949 Lewiston, ME, US
....................... +Isaac Stasiovich Stachowitz b: 1/15/1875 Warsaw, Pol d: 9/22/1948 Lewiston,ME
.......................... 5 Isadore Stackowitz b: 17 Jan 1910 in Brooklyn, NY d: 20 Jan 1970 in Massachusetts
.............................. +Anne Thorner b: 1/30/1916 Brooklyn, NY d: 5/24/2012 Houston, TX
.........................................Barbara Toby Stack b: 7/29/1947 Dover, NH

Efrem Altstein b: c. 1828-31 Poland;
+ Frida Rifka Pincus b: c. 1836 Poland;

Doba Tsipra Altstein b: 1857 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
+Jojchem Altstein b: 1856 in Poland m: 12 Jun 1874 in Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland

Yetta Jenta Jejdla Altstein b: 11/11/1860 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland; d: 7/2/1935 Newark, NJ, USA
+Samuel Dultz b: 1861 Nowy Dwor, Pol d: 24 Sep 1949 in Newark, NJ m: 5/28/1880 Nowy Dwor, Pol

Sarah Aldstein b: 1868 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland; d: c 1952 London, UK
+Isaac Greenbaum b: 1866 in Poland

Ethel Oldstein b: 1/8/1872 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland; d: 3/1/1949 Lewiston, Maine, USA
+Isaac Stachowitz b: 6/15/1875 Warsaw, Pol d: 22 Sep 1948 in Lewiston, Maine m: c.Nov 1891 Pol

Menachem Altsztein b: 1880 Mlawa, Warszawa, Poland; d: 1942 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
+Golda Laji Brawerman b: 12/28/1874, Wyszogrod, Poland; m: 1897, Wyszogrod, Poland.

Descendants of Efrem & Freda Oldstein 4 generations
updated 3/21/2017
more generations can be emailed upon request.


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