Doba Tsipra Altstein Name

Oldstein/Altstein/Aldstein/Altsztejn/Stone/אלטשטיין /אלשטיין/אַלטשטעין/אַלתשטעין/Альтштейн Family
City of Origin: Nowy Dwor Mazowiecka, Poland, near Warsaw 52°26' N 20°43' E

The Names of Ethel Oldstein

Doba/Debby Tsipra Altstein Oldstein
from the collection of Len and Frances Oldstein via Howard and Ian Oldstein.

Doba Tsipra Altstein actual Marriage Record!

Akta 16
At the town of Nowy Dwor, date June 12th 1874, got married
Chaim Altsztejn aged 18, son of Uanocha
And Elka of Michaelovitch family.  
The wife is Doba Zipora Altsztejn, aged 17, daughter of Froime
And Frida Ryfka of Pinkus family. 
The Altsztejn family lives in Nowy Dwor

Doba Tsipra Altstein actual Marriage Record!

possible Russian transcriptions:
Добою-Цыпрою Альтштейн
Доба -Цыпра Альтштейн

Hebrew transliteration:

ודובה ציפורה אלשטיין

Doba/Debby Tsipra Altstein Oldstein headstone

Doba/Debby Tsipra Altstein Oldstein headstone
October 5, 1927, London
Edmonton Cemetery K-6

So my question is, was Doris Stackowitz, Hebrew name Doba, born 23 March 1928,
named after Debby Oldstein her great aunt?
Doris was the granddaughter of Ethel Oldstein Stachowitz, Debby's sister, who lived in the same town as Doris' parents.

I do know for sure that my sister's younger daughter was named after my father and cousin Doris.
I am witness on her naming certificate!

Beth Yeshurun Cemetery, Houston, TX, USA, Section E, Lot 0038, Space 005
I've not yet succeeded in finding any documents with Doris' Hebrew name.
I was, by the way, a flower girl at Doris and Don Rosenberg's wedding!

My niece, in the modern fashion, wishes to keep her name off the internet.

I also note that there was a Doba Drozdowicz (who married a Mr. Holtz)
She was a sister of Elka/Ella/Elli Drozdowicz (b: 1803 Nowy Dwor), who married David Altsztein.
This Doba was a great aunt to Doba/Debby Tsipra Altstein Oldstein.

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