Eli Baer + Pearl + Dora Rose Levine

from Kiselin, Russia, Poland, USSR, Ukraine

Deep gratitude to Joseph Chandler of Portland, Maine who made an amazing family tree that got me started

Joe Chandler's Family History

Yecht/Echt Bare Bones Tree
Ethel (Yetta) Bael is on the far right of the middle generation.
She is on the far left of the Yecht Family Matrix as a child ofJoseph Yosel Filler here

Family Overview

Hillel/Eli Baer b: c 1871in Kissilin; d: 3/11/1926 in Portland, ME
+ Dora Rose Levine b: c1883

Eli’s Parents
Kos Baer b c1820 + Malka Zegal b: c1820

Eli's sibs
Yetta (Ethel) Baer + Joseph Yosel Yecht Filler
Toybeh Malka Baer + Joseph Yosel Yecht Filler
Brentza Baer + ?
Yitzchak Baer + Fraydel

Children with Pearl
Kos Baer b: 5/10/1895 Kissilin; d: Shoah
Ruth Baer b: Sep 1899 - 1910 Kissilin; d: 1/12/1980 Portland, Maine

with Dora Rose Levine
Fannie R. Baer b: 9/8/1912, Portland, ME
Sarah E. Baer b: 9/15/1913, Portland, ME
Rona Rita Baer b: 11/27/1915, Portland, ME + Harold Brill
Adeline Baer b: 4/20/1917, Portland, ME
Tena Annie Baer b: 8/27/1919, Portland, ME; d: 2/15/1920, Portland, ME
Frieda Pearl Baer b: 8/25/1923 Portland, ME


June 17, 1934: Biddeford, Maine: Anne Thorner Diary entry
In February, 2020, I visited my sister Ellen in Houston to celebrate her 70th birthday and she handed me my mother's diary. Who were the Brills?

So the first thing I did was search Joe Chandller's Excel Spreadsheet version of his family tree. Harold Brill shows up on tree #b, married to Rona Baer.

Joe Chandler, Dearest Rachel [one of several Baer anecdotes]

A second experience with Sam Fuller occurred in May of 1993 when we went to Israel and passed through Paris. I knew that he was living in Paris, but did not have his address or telephone number, but thought I would like to contact him. I was able to hunt through some telephone books and found he was living at 18 Reuilly and called him. Interestingly, the first comment he made epitomized his view of family relationships when he asked "What do you want?" After we got by that we did have a pleasant few minutes of conversation, but I am left with the distinct impression that stems from one incident related to me by another cousin about him during that cousin's visit to Hollywood and a discussion I also had with his sister, Rose, that he wanted to distance himself from family, or at least, portions thereof.

The experience with his sister, Rose Leah, who had married a William Epstein of Jackson Heights, N.Y., came shortly before I met Sam. My Uncle, Irving, had told me of another cousin I had never met and took me over to see her at Miami Beach. She, also, had not seen her brother, Sam, all these years and could not seem to contact him, the circumstances of which seemed to bear out my thought of his avoiding his family.

She had an interesting story to tell me. She came from Europe on a ship to Portland, Maine, in 1911, but that coming was a problem. I do not know with whom she came, if anyone, but she was quite young (under ten years of age). The problem was with her papers. She had taken the place of one of the Baer girls (Ruth Baer) on the ship and was carrying Ruth's papers. When Immigration asked her for her name she gave them her real name of Rose. That didn't match the ship's papers and Immigration refused to let her disembark. My father got word of that and went to Immigration and was able to have them release her to him. That is how she got to the United States and she has never forgotten how my father was able to get her off the ship. She even recalls the date in a round about way. It seems that my father had taken with him his first born in a carriage when he came down to get her. My brother Lou was born in 1911.

Index to Alien Case Files at the National Archives at Kansas City, 1944-2003
Name:  Ruth Baer
Birth Date:      9 Sep 1900
Arrival Date:   1913
Port of Entry:  Portland, Maine
Country of Origin:      Russia

May Waze Lerman

Download Alien Case File 1931854

Documents in chronological order

April 9, 1909 Eli Bare arrival NYC, ex post facto determination with 1922-24 Citizenship applications
I can't find that ship on or near that date. Will look at Portland arrival possibilities next.

June 30, 1911, Portland, Maine: Marriage of Eli Behar, 42, and Dora Rose Levine, 28.
Eli's parents are listed as Carl Behar and Molly Zegal.

September 8, 1912, Portland, Maine: Birth of Fannie R. Baer, 1st child, to Eli Baer and Dora Levine
31 Dear Street; Eli is a junk pedler

September 15, 1913, Portland, Maine: Birth of Sarah Baer, 2nd Child
221 1/2 Fore Street

November 27, 1915, Portland, Maine: Birth Rona Rita Baer, 3rd child
221 1/2 Fore St., Eli is a peddler

April 20, 1917, Portland, Maine: Birth Adeline Baer, 4th child
221 Fore St., Eli is a peddler

August 27, 1919, Portland, Maine: Birth Tona or Tena Helen Baer, 5th child
8 Heath St., Eli is Junk Dealer

Janary 7 & 8, 1920, Portland, Maine Census Eli Baer, rag peddler, and Family, 8 Heath St
Eli Bear, 50; Wazy [Rosy?] D Bear, 36; Fanny F Bear, 7; Sarah E Bear, 6; Ronny Bear, 4; Adeline Bear, 2 8/12; Annie T Bear, 4/12; Ruth Bear, 18

February 15, 1920, Portland, Maine: Death Tena Annie Bare, born Tena Helen Baer
Smith Street Cemetery

January 6, 1922 Eli Baer naturalization Petition

May 7, 1923, Naturalization continuance to learn to read.

May 7, 1923, Naturalization attempt failed

November 21, 1924: Declaration (thanks to Issie Perel for bringing this to my attention)

November 21, 1924, Naturalization issued!

November 3, 1926, Portland, Maine: Death of Eli Baer, Hillel son of Kos
Mt. Carmel Cemetery

April 15, 1930, Portland, Maine Census, 8 Heath St.
Dora R Baer 42  Widowed to US 1911; Fannie R Baer 17; Sarah E Baer 16; Rona R Baer 14; Adeline Baer 12; Frieda Baer 6

New York, New York, Marriage License Indexes, 1907-2018
Name:  Harold Brill
Gender:           Male
Marriage License Date:           1955
Marriage License Place:          Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Spouse:            Rona Baer
License Number:         13929

September 20, 1969, Portland, ME: Death of Dora R. Baer, Mount Carmel Cemetery
Dvora Rochel daughter of Moishe Halevee.

January 12, 1980, Portland, Maine: Ruth Baer Grave stone inscription.
Rochel daughter of Hillel. Mount Carmel Cemetery

January 15, 1998 , Portland, Maine: Adeline Baer Fleischer gravestone inscription.
Leah daughter of Hillel. Mount Carmel Cemetery. FindAGrave

February 11, 2007, Las Vegas: Death of Rona Baer Brill.

Ironic Postscript

Although my mother's diary brought this family to my attention, this was probably not the Brill family she visted with on June 17, 1934. Still, I am glad to have made the acquaintance of Eli Baer and his family. I wonder what Brills my mother knew.


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