HUAC Black Friday Police Riot May 13, 1960

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Honorable beaters of children, sadists, uniformed and in plain clothes, distinguished Dixiecrat wearing the clothing of a gentleman, eminent Republican who opposes an accommodation with the one country with which we must live at peace in order for us and all our children to survive. My boy of fifteen left this room a few minutes ago in sound health and not jailed, solely because I asked him to be in here to learn something about the procedures of the United States government and one of its committees. Had he been outside where a son of a friend of mine had his head split by these goons operating under your orders, my boy today might have paid the penalty of permanent injury or a police record for desiring to come here and hear how this committee operates. If you think that I am going to cooperate with this collection of Judases, of men who sit there in violation of the United States Constitution, if you think I will cooperate with you in any way, you are insane!

1/7/2017, San Francisco Chronicle, When Washington's Red-baiting congressional committee came to SF, Gary Kamiya,
"On May 13, 1960, 300 protesters, most of them students from UC Berkeley, gathered at San Francisco City Hall to protest hearings that HUAC had decided to hold here. Many of the protesters gathered outside the hearing room on the second floor were clean-cut youths, and their most confrontational action was singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" and staging a sit-down protest. None of them could have imagined that their peaceful sit-in would end with San Francisco police blasting them with fire hoses and clubbing them - or that their protest would be one of the seminal events of what would come to be called the '60s. ¶....¶ An activist UC student organization called SLATE, formed in 1958, urged students to picket the three-day HUAC hearings, in part because the committee had subpoenaed [UC student Douglas] Wachter. On the morning of May 12, scores of students filed into City Hall and lined up to enter the hearing chamber.¶ ....¶ [HUAC staff director Richard] Arens then called Wachter. The 18-year-old Berkeley High School graduate, wearing a gray suit and red tie, was a member of SLATE who had picketed with the civil rights group Congress of Racial Equality and marched against capital punishment. His parents were longtime members of the Communist Party; he was part of the party's youth group. Wachter refused to answer Arens' questions, citing his First and Fifth amendment rights.¶ After the lunch break, more students arrived from a rally at Union Square, where Assemblyman Phil Burton had told them, 'People should be tried in a legal court of law on the basis of their actions. … No legislative committee has the right to tell a man what he thinks and what he doesn't!'"

May 13, 2010 Commemoration Program and Press Coverage
updated 9/14/2010

28:02 minute 2015 film The People's Palace: San Francisco City Hall 100 Years
with Black Friday segment and Becky Jenkins interview

NY Times May 14, 1960 HUAC Riots

scanned from a copy of the poster belonging to Burton White via Judy Baston and Becky Jenkins.

HUAC Agnos 1990 Proclamation

May 13, 2010, SF City Hall Rotunda, L to R: Marty Hittleman, Burton White, Irving Wesley Hall, Bob Meisenbach speaking, Becky Jenkins (totally obscured by podium), Marshall Krause (partly obscured by podium) and Nancy Schimmel. Valerie Samson photo.