Jewish People Were Not Always Considered to be White

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In the course of researching the Midda Family, part of the Altstein family from Nowy Dwor, Poland, I found this:

1925 NY State Census Martin and Jennie Midda, enumerated by Evelyn Rohrbacher.

In contrast, this document, same Census, same year, also in Buffalo, for Martin's brother Reuben and family: the enumerator enters "W."
By the way, I am not here arguing that Jews are white, but that we are seen as distinct. Note that other religious groupings and ethnicities are not recorded.

February 22, 1947: Alexandria, Egypt to NYC manifest of Heskel Obadia from Baghdad, Iraq, bound for UC Berkeley
Obadia was a Jew, which in this case rendered him not "Iraqi," but "White." Despite his dark complexion.
Notice that the person following him on the manifest was categorized "Slovak," despite a "white" complexion.

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