Ladies Chain

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August 25, 1978 Rehearsal mp3 *** February 2, 1979 Rehearsal mp3

03/1977, Valley Women’s Union (Northampton) newsletter Ladies Chain
9/8/1977, Daily Hampshire Gazette, These Ladies have a Chain of their own..., by Laura Barr
9/28/1977, Amherst Bulletin, Ladies Chain picks up the contradance tempo, by Sarah Fader
4/8/1981, Valley Advocate, Contradancing is Nothing New, by Amy Singer

December 1, 2013 Memorial for Donna Grossman photos by Tom McCurry

September 28, 2010

Mary Lea in her garden
Brattleboro, VT
Mary Lea in her Garden

September 27, 2010

Karen Simon in her Field
Windsor, MA
Karen in field
September 26, 2010

Heather McLaughlin on clarinet & Tom McCurry's Orchids
Northampton, MA
Heather clarinet & Tom's orchids
September 26, 2010

Mary Lea • Heather McLaughlin • Barbara Stack • Karen Simon • Donna Grossman
June 13, 2009, Northampton, photo by Tom McCurry

June 13, 2009, Northampton: Donna Grossman. photo by Tom McCurry.

Bonnie and Heather 2007
Barbara and Heather visit Bonnie in Wakefield, RI, July 27, 2007

October, 1980: Northampton: Donna Grossman. Barbara Stack photo.

Donna Grossman weaving

Ladies Chain June 1978
Mary Lea • Bonnie Blair O’Connor • Heather McLaughlin • Barbara Stack • Karen Simon • Donna Grossman
June 1978

June 1978: John Marcy photos (scanned from proof sheet)

Summer, 1977: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: Heather McLaughlin and Donna Grossman. Barbara Stack photo.

March, 1977: Valley Women’s Union (Northampton) newsletter

March, 1977: Valley Women’s Union (Northampton) newsletter
source: Northampton's LGBTQ History_ a work-in-progress by Kaymarion Raymond

Ladies Chain is the fifth band I find mentioned very briefly in the Chronology in the 1970s: “Feb. 4, 1977. Contradance with women musicians.” A wonderful description of what was the first gig and, I think, the beginning of Ladies Chain was included in the Valley Women’s Union mimeographed newsletter dated March 1977. The band might have been Northampton based and included at least one lesbian. More info welcome. Let’s at least save some pictures.

December 8, 1978: The Threshold Benefit. Heather's copy.