Melvin Thorner Family Photos

Richard & Annie Thorner photos

1921 Mel Thorner in Joe Chandler photo collection

1926 Stanley Nelson and Bride visit Biddeford on Honeymoon
1926 Biddeford, ME: mystery cousin and bride visit with Annie and Mel Thorner. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1927: Anne and Mel

March 26, 1932:
Biddeford Daily Journal, p5: Mal Thorner high ranks

November 20, 1934: Biddeford Daily Journal, p2, football team manager

July 5, 1936: Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Joe Robinson, Anne Thorner, Jerry Thorner, Sylvia Cook, Mal (Melvin) Thorner, and Burton Cook
Collection of Anne Thorner Stack. Scanned and restored by Barbara Toby Stack

1937 Melvin Thorner High School Graduation
1937 Melvin Thorner High School Graduation. Richard Thorner collection.

June 24, 1937: Biddeford, Maine

June 25, 1937
: Biddeford-Daily-Journal, pp 9 & 12: Rensselaer Medal

1937: L to R: Abe Thorner, Becky Nelson Thorner, Mel Thorner, Anne Thorner, and Cousin Jerry Thorner, son of Meyer, from NY.
I think the shadow at bottom is photographer Irving Thorner. Bumpe sticker on Jerry's car reads: Desert of Maine. Collection of Anne Thorner Stack

1938 Circa, 74 Mason Street, Biddeford, ME: Lou Kates, Mel Thorner and Anne Thorner. Anne Thorner Stack collection

Thorners 1938
1938, 74 Mason Street, Biddeford, Maine. Becky Nelson Thorner • Blume Herchmann Thorner • Melvin Thorner
Abraham Thorner • Annie Thorner • Meyer Thorner. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

March 1939: Biddeford, ME: captioned "Thorner Men" by my mother, who was, I suspect, the photographer.

March 1939: Biddeford, ME: Mel and Irving Thorner. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

May, 1939: Mel and Anne Thorner NY Worlds' Fair. Anne Thorner Stack collection.
The Maine State Pavillion. The Motto.

March 29, 1941:
Biddeford-Daily-Journal p2: Abraham Thorner

April 10, 1941:
Biddeford-Daily-Journal p16: Abraham Thorner in Probate

1942: Biddeford, Maine: Irving, Melvin, Anne and Rebecca

May 4, 1943: Biddeford-Daily-Journal, p1: reservist Melvin Thorner called up.

Photo by Jennie Aranovitch courtesy of Congregation Etz Chaim, Biddeford, Maine

Irving Thorner Wedding
May 9, 1948, Bradford Hotel, Boston: Irving and Bertha Thorner Wedding. Top row, L to R: Burton Cook • Sylvia Cook • Sam Cook • Max Cook • Rose Robinson • Izzy Stack • Mel Thorner • Anne Stack • Etta Chase • Micky Schwartz • Maurice Cook
Front row, L to R: Jack Cook • Molly Cook • Sadie Cook • Sarah Cook • Dorothy and Bob Cook • Annette Cook • Mike Weber • Molly Schwartz
Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1954 Thorners Birthday Party
1954: Dover, NH L to R standing: Mel Thorner, Izzy Stack, Bertha Thorner, Anne Thorner Stack
Seated: Ellen Stack, Arnold Thorner, Irving Thorner, Cousin B., and Barbara Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Uncle Mel 1957
1957: Dover, NH: Mel Thorner having just given me a Kodak Brownie camera (box atop TV)--my first camera

1959 Biddeford Max Sarah Mel Irving
1959: Biddeford, Maine: from left: Irving Thorner, Max and Sarah Nelson Cook, Mel Thorner. photo by Barbara Stack

December 25, 1969: Manchester, NH: L to R front: KK, Barbara Stack, Richard Thorner, Polly Thorner.
L to R rear: Izzy Stack, Anne Stack, Ellen Stack, Stephen Woodcock, Barbara Hardy. Photo by Mel Thorner.

October, 1990: Dover, NH: Molly Cinamon enjoys the sight of her first cousin Mel Thorner fressing my mother's kugel.
Barbara Toby Stack photo.

early 1990s: Dover, NH: Mel and Anne

June 24, 2000 Manchester, NH
 wedding of Richard and Annie Thorner
L to R: Anne Stack, Niece R, Barbara Stack, Ellen Stack, Dori Sobel, Len Sobel, Annie Resser Thorner and Richard Thorner, JulieSue Thorner (now Goldwasser), Bertha Thorner, Arnold Thorner, Cousin B., Caren Thorner, and Jeff Thorner.

2003 Thorners in Houston
April 21, 2003, Houston: Seated: Anne Stack, Cousin B., Ann Thorner, Ellen Stack
Standing: Len Sobel, Dorian Sobel, Richard Thorner, Barbara Stack.

JulieSue Thorner Wedding 2005
December 5, 2005: wedding of JulieSue Thorner and Matt Goldwasser
L to R: Front: Niece R, Anne Stack, Bertha Thorner, JulieSue Thorner and Matt Goldwasser, Cousin B., Ann and Richard Thorner
L to R: Rear: Jeff Thorner, Arnold Thorner, Caren Thorner, Ellen Stack, Len Sobel

Feb 20 1011 Birthday Party Houston
February 20, 2011, Houston: Seated: Anne Stack, Cousin B., Ann Thorner, Katherine Thorner, Ellen Stack, Niece R
Standing: Len Sobel, Dorian Sobel, Richard Thorner, Barbara Stack. *Larry Gettleman photo*

Thorner Family in Houston
2/26/2012, Houston: Seated: Anne Stack, Cousin B., Ann Thorner, Katherine Thorner, Ellen Stack, Niece R
Standing: Len Sobel, Dorian Sobel, Richard Thorner, Barbara Stack. *Michael Gettleman photo*

February 26, 2013: San Antonio, TX: L to R: Alice Thorner, Katherine Thorner, Rick Thorner, Len Sobel, Ellen Stack, cousin B, Barbara Stack, Ann Thorner and Richard Thorner.