Rebecca Shlager/Nelson Thorner Photos

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Thorner Family photos


1908: Portland, Maine: Becky Nelson with cousin Rose Filler, who would marry Nathan Chandler.
It is said they came to US together, but Becky's name does not appear on the manifest. She may have used the ticket of another cousin.

1910 Circa: Becky Nelson. This beautiful photo was unknown to Becky's descendants. Original size: postcard.
Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.


Abraham and Becky Thorner
Rebecca and Abraham Thorner, possibly at 1911-12 engagement. Richard Thorner collection.

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Rebecca & Abraham Thorner probably 1912
Rebecca and Abraham Thorner, probably at 1912 Brooklyn, NY, marriage (cropped from oval) Anne T Stack collection

April 4 & 5, 1912: Abraham Thorner and Rebecca Nelson Marriage License announcements.

1914: NYC: Becky and Irving.

November 23, 1921: Biddeford property at 74 Mason street sold to Abraham Thorner.

1923: Prospect St., Biddeford: Rebecca with Anne and Irving

Nelson and Thorner women
June, 1924, probably at Old Orchard Beach, Maine: Becky Nelson Thorner • Etta Nelson Chase • Rose Nelson Robinson mystery person
Anna Thorner Glaser (a redhead) • Minnie Marcus Cook. Anne Thorner Stack's collection.

circa 1929, Maine: Front L to R: Sylvia Cook, Rose Nelson Robinson, Mystery woman, Becky Nelson Thorner, Minnie Marcus Cook, Mel Thorner.
Rear, L to R: Mystery man, Irving Thorner, Ann Robinson Leman. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

July 5, 1936, Old Orchard Beach, Maine: L to R: sibs Becky Nelson Thorner, Max Nelson and Rose Nelson Robinson. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Top row: L to R: Max and Minnie Cook (Minnie died 1/6/1941), Jake Robinson.
Bottom, L to R: Sarah Nelson Schwartz, Rose Nelson Robinson, Becky Nelson Thorner, Etta Nelson Chase.

Top row: L to R: Jake Robinson, Minnie & Max Cook (Minnie died 1/6/1941).
Bottom, L to R: Sarah Nelson Schwartz, Rose Nelson Robinson, Becky Nelson Thorner, Etta Nelson Chase. Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.

Same day as above: Front: Molly Schwartz Cinamon;
Middle row L to R: Max Cook, mystery 1, mystery 2, Sarah Nelson Schwartz;
Top row L to R: Jake Robinson, Rose Nelson Robinson, mystery 3 (Becky?), mystery 4, mystery 5. Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.

1937: L to R: Abe Thorner, Becky Nelson Thorner, Mel Thorner, Anne Thorner, and Cousin Jerry Thorner, son of Meyer, from NY.
I think the shadow at bottom is photographer Irving Thorner. Bumper sticker on Jerry's car reads: Desert of Maine. Collection of Anne Thorner Stack

Thorners 1938
1938, 74 Mason Street, Biddeford, Maine. Becky Nelson Thorner • Blume Herchmann Thorner • Melvin Thorner
Abraham Thorner • Annie Thorner • Meyer Thorner. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1938: Biddeford: Irving, Anne, Rebecca, Abraham Thorner.

1942: Biddeford, Maine: Irving, Melvin, Anne and Rebecca


March 1939: Biddeford, ME: Mel and Irving Thorner. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1954 Thorners Birthday Party
1954: Dover, NH L to R standing: Mel Thorner, Izzy Stack, Bertha Thorner, Anne Thorner Stack
Seated: Ellen Stack, Arnold Thorner, Irving Thorner, Cousin B., and Barbara Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

June 200 Thorner Wedding
June 24, 2000 Manchester, NH wedding of Richard and Annie Thorner
L to R: Anne Stack, Rose Sobel, Barbara Stack, Ellen Stack, Dori Sobel, Len Sobel, Annie and Richard Thorner, JulieSue Thorner (now Goldwasser), Bertha Thorner, Arnold Thorner, Cousin B., Caren Thorner, and Jeff Thorner.