Resnick Yecht Female Line of Mitochondrial DNA

Mitochondrial DNA tests trace people's matrilineal (mother-line) ancestry through their mitochondria,
which are passed from mothers to their children.
Since everyone has mitochondria, people of all genders can take mtDNA tests.

* = shares Mitochondrial DNA

Toby Yecht Nelson
Ukraine circa 1906-1910. Molly Cinamon collection Toby Yecht Schlager Nelson Sacknoff, perhaps taken in 1924 before her wedding to Max Sacknoff. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1924 Tobie Nelson Sacknoff Marriage
September 24, 1924, Portland, Maine: Tobie Nelson Marriage: Daughter of Isaac Robinson and Anna Resnick

* = known living female descendants in this line

Isaac Yecht + Anyeh Resnick*
Fayga Yecht + Nachman Wolf Cahn (only sons)
Toby's half? Sister Rochel Leah Yecht* + Avram Michel Schleger/Nelson
Bessie Pesha Miriam Nelson + Abram Zvi Hersch Kruk Cook (only sons)
Chana Schleger* + Rabbi Moshe Rokeach (4 daughters)
Rifka Shlager (died shoah)
Malkah Simma Yecht + Mordechai Mendel Schiff (3 daughters; seem to be no females in this line alive)
Taube/Tobie Yecht/Echt* + Avram Michel Schleger/Nelson
Esther Schacter* + Harry Katz
Rebecca Schlager Nelson* + Abraham Thorner
Etta Devora Nelson*
+ Joseph Chase
Sarah Nelson* + John William Schwartz


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