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Sarah Schleger Nelson Schwartz Cook


Avram Michel Schleger married 14-year-old Taube (then) Echt or Yecht, sister of his first wife, Rochel


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Toby Yecht Shlager Nelson
b: 1863 - 1868, Lokacze?
came to US c 1921
c1900 or 1924
Smith Street Cemetery, Portland, Maine.
Toba daughter of Yitzchak.

Sarah Nelson Schwartz Cook
b: 10/6/1900, Lokacze, Ukraine
came to US 1921
1959 photo
Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Portland, ME
Sarah daughter of Avraham Michel
Abraham Melvin Schwartz
Molly Schwartz Cinamon
7/13/1927, Portland, ME
1948 photo
1948 photo

Nelson Family in Poland

Nelson siblings in Ukraine circa 1906-1910. Per Molly Cinamon:
Sarah (b: 10/6/1900) is in lower right. Taube is top center. Etta (b: 4/5/1893) is probably at top right.
The other woman and two children might be the sister Anna and her 2 kids.
From the collection of Molly Cinamon.
stamp on reverse:
R. Sh. Bregman or Hersh Bergman
Horokhiv (Gorokhov), Volyn Gubernia
Negatives are saved
BTS note: Horokhiv (Gorokhov) is about 20 miles South of Lokachi

March 25, 1921: Halifax Declaration: Going to Brother-in-law and sister Jack and [Rose] Robinson, 102 Nazareth,  Montreal

March 25, 1921: Sura and Taube Schlager arrive Montreal from Liverpool. Going to Portland: Katz

August 13, 1922: Portland, Maine: Marriage of John William Schwartz and Sarah Nelson

1931 circa Molly & Mickey Schwartz
1931 circa, Portland, Maine: Molly and Mickey Schwartz. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

November 3, 1935: Anne Thorner Diary

November 4, 1935: Anne Thorner Diary
July 30, 2020: Toby Cinamon Rabold wrote me that her mother said Sarah was having a miscarriage.

November 5, 1935: Anne Thorner Diary
Rose and Celia Stern were family friends. Don't know whther Sam is Sam Stern, Celia's brother, or Sam Cook.

November 6, 1935: Anne Thorner Diary

December 14, 1935: Anne Thorner Diary
Jake Robinson from Toronto, husband of Sarah's sister Rose and also cousin to both.

April 6, 1936: Anne Thorner Diary

April 7, 1936: Anne Thorner Diary

June 17, 1941: Portsmouth, NH: Marriage of Sarah and Max Cook.

1959 Biddeford Max Sarah Mel Irving
1959: Biddeford, Maine: from left: Irving Thorner, Max and Sarah Cook, Mel Thorner. Barbara Toby Stack photo.

May 6, 1960
: Dover, NH: Just before my Bat Mitzvah. With Aunt Sarah and Uncle Max.
Aunt Sarah was the youngest sister of my late maternal grandmother and very much her proxy.

1969 April Portland Sarah Cook & Andrea & Pat Schwartz
April 1969: Portland, Maine: Sarah Cook and Susan Schwartz and Pat Schwartz. Barbara Toby Stack photo.

1969 April Portland Sarah Cook & granddaughter perhaps Susan Schwartz
April 1969: Portland, Maine: Sarah Cook & granddaughter Susan Schwartz. Barbara Toby Stack photo.
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Aunt Sarah’s Passover Wine Cake
Sarah Cook, Portland, Maine

preheat oven to 350 F
8 x 10 inch Pyrex pan lined with waxed paper
separate 14 eggs
1 and 1/4 cup sugar
3 oz. sweet red wine
1 cup chopped walnuts
2 tsp. cinnamon
2 Tbl. potato starch, sifted with matzo cake meal to equal 1 and 1/2 cup

beat yolks and sugar 15 minutes
beat whites until stiff
beat dry ingredients and wine into yolks
fold whites into yellow mixture
bake 45 minutes
spread a mixture of sugar and cinnamon over top with a damp hand.

Sarah Nelson Schwartz Cook, Portland, Maine
transcribed and measured by Pat Schwartz


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