Thorner Paper Box Factories

 Brothers Gedalia and Abraham both worked at their sons' box factories in their final years
 Gedalia's sons Theodore and Davis with JacobSiegel owned the Rising Star Paper Box Company,
 Abraham's sons Leon & Jacob, Max, and son-in-law Paul Rothberg owned the Plaza Paper Box Corp

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I descend from Gedalia + Glicke. Paul Thorner descends from Abraham + Simma.

1906: NYC Dir Thorner Brothers & Siegel Paper Box 60 Clinton

August 2, 1906: Theodore Thorner (BTS Fam), Naturalization Card: Paper Box Maker, residing at 196 East 3rd St., Manhattan

1910: NYC Dir David & Theodore Thorner boxes, 60 Clinton

April 28, 1910
: Census: David Thorner (BTS Fam): Proprietor, Paper Box Factory

March 3, 1912: New York Times: Rising Star Paper Box Fire: 172nd St.--this I suspect is not their address

September 12, 1912
: Draft Reg: Theodore Thorner (BTS Fam), owner, Paper Box Factory, 178 Suffolk, NY

1912-13: Manhattan: Theodore Thorner (BTS family) boxes, 178 Suffolk; home 202 Keap. Thorner Bros & Siegel.

1913: Brooklyn Directory: Theodore Thorner and David Thorner (BTS Fam), Boxes, 202 Keep.

June 5, 1917: Paul Rothberg WWI Draftcard. Paul was Ruth Thorner's husband (Paul's family). Paper Boxes, 132 Greene St., NYC. Tohrner Bros?

1919: Polk's Corporate Directory: Rising Star Paper Box Co., David & Theo Thorner, Jacob Siegel, 178 Suffolk

1920 Census: Theodore Thorner (BTS Fam): partner Paper Box

1920 Census: David Thorner (BTS Fam): Manufacturer of Paper Boxes

September 27, 1922
: NYT: "to Theodore Thorner 625 and 627 East Fifteenth Street, a 50-foot four-story scenic studio building.
This will be occupied by the Rising Star Paper Box Company, of which Mr. Thorner is one of the proprietors. I believe this is BTS family.

September 30, 1922: Real Estate Record and Builder's Guide: Rising Star

1922-23 NYC Polks Directory Thorner Box Factories
Thorner Bros (Leon & Jacob) & Paul Rothenberg, 127 Mercer (Paul's family)
David Thorner, Rising Star Paper Box Co.(my family)
Max D. Thorner, boxes, 131 Mercer (Paul's family)
Theodore Thorner, Rising Star Box Co. (my family)

April 2, 1924: New York Times: Rising Star Paper Box charter; T. Thorner and S. Siegel

January 11, 1925: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Paper Box Manufacturer's Assn: Max Thorner elected to Board

May 29, 1925
: New York Times: Plaza Paper Box Incorporated:Queens

January 28, 1928: New York Times: Plaza Paper Box Corp., Long Island City: Percy Sykes

1930 Census Max Thorner (Paul's Fam): Occupation Manufacturer Paper Box

November 15, 1930
: New York Times: Plaza Paper Box Capitalization change

July 28, 1932: Brooklyn: Gedalia Thorner’s (BTS Fam) death certificate worked as Packer in paper box factory

August 10, 1933
: New York Time Paper Box Manufacturers Ad: Plaza Paper Box Corp., Long Island City

1933-34 Queens Directory: sec-treas Plaza Paper Box Corp,

August 7, 1937: Brooklyn: Death Abraham Thorner, Paul's grandfather: Salesman, Paper Box Factory.

1942 Paul Rothberg WWII Draft Card. Paul was Ruth Thorner's husband (Paul's family). Plaza Paper, self employed,

June 4, 2020: Paul Thorner to Barbara Stack via phone: Paul worked four summers for Max Thorner at Plaza Paper Box in Long Island City.

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