Here are some fiddle tune medleys I put together long ago.
What's here is just what I have found and scanned so far.

Cherokee Shuffle Medley in D

Cherokee Shuffle, Dusty Miller, The Yellow Rose of Texas, Morpeth Rant, Folding Down the Sheets, Golden Slippers

Chicken Reel Medley in D
Chicken Reel, Arkansas Traveler, Flop Eared Mule, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Liberty, Mississippi Sawyer

Colored Aristocracy Medley
Colored Aristocracy, Cherokee Shuffle, Sail Away Ladies, June Apple, Devil's Dream

Old Molly Hare Medley in D
Old Molly Hare, Rock the Cradle Joe, Cowboy's Dream, Rachel, Dubuque, Paddy on the Railroad

West Fork Gals Medley in D
West Fork Gals, The Rose Tree, Over the Waterfall, Saint Anne's Reel, Jaybird, Soldier's Joy

Margaret's Waltz A Medley
Margaret's Waltz, Farewell to Devon,- My Home, Planxty Fanny Powers