The Cook (Kruk) Family is from Wolin, Russia, aka Volhynia, Ukraine (region which contains Rozhysche, Kovel (Filler, Robinson, Yecht families), Lokacze (Nelson Family), and Kiselin (Chandler family). Abraham Cook came from the town of Rozhysche
Translation of Yizkor Book for Rozhysche
The Rozhishch Society in the US

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Cook Family Photos

Nelson Photos (Includes some Cook Photos)

Yecht/Echt Bare Bones Tree

Cook Family Tree (starting from Michael & Celia Cook)
updated 9/18/2011 + Kruk name + Dan Weber family details+ Sheldon Cook

Document Collections:

Samuel Smule Cook (1846-1924) and Yetta Cook (1855-1924)

updated 10/25/2012 + Death Certificates

Abraham Hirsch Cook (1871-1935)
updated 7/6/2016 1900 Census

Bessie Shlager Nelson Cook (1871-1919)
updated 10/13/2010

Max Cook (1889-1967)
updated 9/1/2011 + corrected parents + 1941 Marriage to Sarah+ George and Sylvia birth records + 1930 Census + 1917 Draft Reg

Sam Cook (1899-1979)
updated 10/25/2012 +1924 Portland Directory

Sam Cook Bio by Bob Cook

Jack Cook (1903-1981)
updated 3/8/2013 + birth record + 1940 Census + marriage certificate

Bob Cook (1906-1992)
updated 3/4/2013 Birth Record + 1940 Census + NYT obit & appears in 1920 Census in Sanford and Portland

Maurice Cook (1909-1966)
updated 11/15/2010 MIT + appears in 1920 Census in Sanford and Portland

David Cook (1914-1993)
updated 11/4/2010

12/16/1899 to 2/6/1900 Hamburg to London on Vesta; Liverpool to Portland on SS Parisian Vesta Manifest:
Abram Kruk, Birth: 1868, married Occupation: shoemaker; Residence: Rositschi
SS Parisian: Abraham Kruch/Kruk, Birth: 1869, Passage paid by and going to join: Uncle
BTS: Most like it was David Robinson (Toby’s (half or 3/4?) brother. He arrived in US in 1892 or 1893.

January 8 & 9, 1920 Census 78 Dyer Street, Portland, Maine in home of Aunt Edith (Etta) Robinson

Feb 26, 2019: via email: Judith Cook (Tucker):
“My father told us that he lived in Portland for the year after his mother died because his father could not leave the family
and Portland was where there was a synagogue with a minyan, so he was sent, at the age of 13, to the aunt to say Kadish every day for a year, on his way to school.”

Letter (undated) from Irving Robinson to Sue Cook

This is a line from a Hebrew list of family births in a Bob Cook’s Shavuot Prayer Book, published in Vilnius. Lithuania, 1844, and now held by Judith Cook Tucker.
Alexander Shmuel born 3 Iyar 5606   Wednesday 29 April 1846 in Sokol, Ukraine, 10 miles from Rozhysche. [BTS: Shmuel, father of Abram Zvi Hersch]
I need to check whether there is a further date offset for Julian calendar in use in Russian Empire until 3/1/1918.

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