Echt/Yecht/ Nelson /Robinson European Family Photos

Lokacze Nelsons

Molly Cinamon says this may be Toby's sister Anne, who died in the holocaust.
This may depict Toby's niece. The town is Lokacze. From Anne Thorner Stack's collection.
A translation from the Yiddish:
To remember the new year, we wish you and your sister and brother in law for _____ Amen.
I am not sure how to translate this blessing, but it's a wish to be written in the 'good' book so to speak on Rosh Hashana.
for Bracha'n (the n is an endearing way of saying the name Bracha) and your family.
translated by Esther Chanie Dushinsky. Many thanks!
Per JewishGen Yizkor Book, there was a Yehuda Eydel Stempel photographer in Lokacze

The writing on this one is REALLY unclear. I can't translate it word for word, but can write the gist of it.

As a keepsake, I, your brother is sending you with wishes for ____ and lots of luck and blessing.
I am sending you my photo so that you can remember once in a while to send something. We need everything and _____
How we forget the past times ______ Your brother (I can't make out the first name, but the second name looks something like Shlomo
translated by Esther Chanie Dushinsky. Many thanks!
Man from Lokacze. Note cleft chin. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Polish cousin postcard
Polish cousin pstcard rear
1939: This card, from the collection of Molly Cinamon, is also marked "J-Stempel" and Lokacze. The cleft chin looks like a Robinson chin!
For the aunt Beken and family
A keepsake of your nephew Avraham Terkeltaub (or Turkeltaub or טורקלטאוב).
translated by Esther Chanie Dushinsky. Many thanks!
Yad Vashem
The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names
Terkeltoib, Avraham                Lokacze, Poland‎          List of murdered Jews ...        Murdered
Will send for ITS Repost ??

Anne Thorner Stack collection.
This is the father Ethel/Ettyl's aunt and the youngest boy (interesting that it's written boy in hebrew letters as opposed to Yingel in yiddish).
I found this photo (also, they wrote picture as opposed to BIld) I am sending for the mother with the father.
The boy's name is Itchu (usually a nickname for Yitzchok) and the girl's name is Bella/Bella.
The two lines on the right on top I can't figure out. I see the word Wish (fourth word).
translated by Esther Chanie Dushinsky. Many thanks!

Nelson Family in Poland
Nelson siblings in Ukraine circa 1906-1910. Per Molly Cinamon:
Sarah (b: 10/6/1900) is in lower right. Taube is top center. Etta (b: 4/5/1893) is probably at top right.
The other woman and two children might be the sister Anna and her 2 kids.
From the collection of Molly Cinamon

stamp on reverse:
R. Sh. Bregman or Hersh Bergman
Horokhiv (Gorokhov), Volyn Gubernia
Negatives are saved

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