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Nelson and Yecht

Стасіовичь, Stasiovich, Poland אלטשטיין, Altsztejn, Nowy Dwor, Maz., Poland חשאןסטאווסקי, Chshunstofsky, Poland Shlager, Lokacze, Volhynia, Ukraine
Stackowitz, Stachowitz, US Oldstein, Altstein, Aldstein in England; Stone in Canada    
also: Zlotnick, Marcus, Helfeinbein, Nusanovichov, Pokornyj, etc. also: Pincus, Drozdowicz, Supovitz, Waldman, Dultz, etc. also: Toronchek, also Resnick, Robinson, Cook, Chandler, Filler, Schiff, Cahn/Cohen, etc.
My paternal grandfather
Isaac Stasiovich Stachowitz
My paternal grandmother
Ethel Oldstein Stackowitz
My maternal grandfather
Abraham Thorner
My maternal grandmother
Rebecca Nelson Thorner
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-1 gen                 David Altsztein                  


  -1 gen
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