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Oldstein/Altstein/Aldstein/Altsztejn/Stone/אלטשטיין /אלשטיין/Альтштейн Family

Menachem Altsztein b: 1880 Mlawa, Warszawa, Poland; d: 1942 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
+Golda Laji Brawerman b: 12/28/1874, Wyszogrod, Poland; m: 1897, Wyszogrod, Poland.

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Many thanks to Alan K'necht and Wendy Silverman for their contributions to this collection.

Oldstein Family Photos

from the address book of my father's sister, my aunt, Fanny Stachowitz Supovitz:
Menachem Altstein from Fanny Supovitz Address Book
Bebe Supovitz Baer told me he was grandma Ethel's brother
L___  Warsawska Ulica Warsawsky Wo:14 Poland
(14 ulica Warszawska, Nowy Dwor, Poland)

Google Maps Street View of Menachem's block.

Menachem Benzion Altsztein b: 1880 Mlawa, Warszawa, Poland; d: 11/16/1941 Nowy Dwor, Poland
+ Golda Laji Brawerman b: 12/28/1874, Wyszogrod, Poland; m: 1897, Wyszogrod, Poland.

Efraim Altstein b 1831 Poland; + Frida Rifka Pincus b: 1833 – 1836 Poland

Doba Tsipra Altstein b 1857 Nowy Dwor, Poland; d: 10/5/1927, London
+ Jojchem Chaim (Jacob) Altstein Oldstein m: 6/12/1874, Nowy Dwor
Yetta Jenta Jejdla Altstein b: 11/11/1860 Nowy Dwor, Poland; d: 7/2/1935 Newark, NJ
+ Samuel Dultz m: 5/28/1880 Nowy Dwor
Sarah Aldstein Greenbaum (Chaia Sura Altsztein) b: 7/23/1865 Nowy Dwor, Pol; d:8/26/1952 London
+ Isaac Greenbaum m: Poland
Ethel Oldstein Stachowitz b: 1/8/1872 Nowy Dwor, Poland; d: 3/1/1949 Lewiston, ME
Isaac Stasiovich Stachowitz m: c Nov. 1891, Poland

Abram Altsztein b: 1900 Nowy Dwor, Poland; d: 1942 Ciechanow, Warszawa, Poland
Sara Altsztein b: 1904 Nowy Dwor, Poland; m: Meir Magid; d: 1942 Nowy Dwor, Poland
Chana Altsztein b: c 1905; m: Majer Magielew 11/30/1931 Nowy Dwor;
Jachet Altsztein b: 10/18/1912 Nowy Dwor, Pol; m: Icek Maluski 12/15/1936 in Nwy Dwor; d: 1/28/2006 Ontario, Canada

December 28, 1874
, Wyszogrod, Poland, Birth Golda Laji Brawerman to Icek Jacob Brawerman and Hana Russak

1897, Wyszogrod, Minachim Bencion Altensztein marriage to Golda Laia Brawerman, both aged 21.

1907, Warszawa, Russia, Duma Voter Lists
Menachem Altsztejn, son of Frojm

October 18, 1912, Nowy Dwor: Birth of Jacet (Jochet) Altsztein, daughter of Menachem Altsztejn, shoemaker?, age 61 [at date of reporting; 1875 implied birth] residing in Nowy Dwor and Golda Laje nee Brawerman, age 36/37. reported 10/28/1936 ACT 150 Polish language document

April 10, 1921: Schmuel Dulc (soon changed to Dultz) and wife Yetta/Jenta Jejdla Altstein Dulc arrive in Boston

December 1, 1931, Nowy Dwor. Marriage of Majer Magielew, age 30, son of Henoch and Ita-Cypa of the Magiel, and Chana Altsztejn, daughter of Menachem Altsztejn and Golda-Laja nee Braverman, both age 26.

1936 Altsztejn Jachet marriage Icek Maluski ACT 44
Dec. 15, 1936 Nowy Dwor Marriage of Jachet Altsztejn, born 10/18/1912 Nowy Dwor, daughter of Menachem and Golda-Laja nee Brawerman and Icek Maluski, tailor, born , born 5/28/1911 in Przasnysz, son of Mojsie-Perec and Estera nee Winnicka.

November 16, 1941 Warszawa Ghetto Death Cards
Menachem ALTSTEIN, born 1873, son of Froim and Frajda

1942: Menachem Altstein, b:1880 Nowy Dwor, Poland Yad Vashem Page of Testimony 1942
Menachem Altsztein was born in Mlawa, Poland in 1880. He was a shoemaker and married to Golda. Prior to WWII he lived in Nowy Dwor, Poland. During the war he was in Nowy Dwor, Poland. Menachem was murdered in 1942 in Nowy Dwor, Poland at the age of 62.

1942 Death Abram Altsztein, son of Menachem and Golda Bergerman, born Nowy Dwor 1900, died in Ciechanow, Warszawa, Poland. Married.

1942 Death Sara Altsztein Magid. Yad Vashem summary: Sara Magid was born in Nowy Dwor, Poland, in 1904, to Menakhem and Golda. She was a housewife and married to Meir. Prior to WWII she lived in Nowy Dwor, Poland. During the war she was in Nowy Dwor, Poland.

MALUSKI, Icek on Sunday, August 28, 1988 at Branson Hospital. Icek Maluski beloved husband of Jachet Maluski. Loving father and father-in-law of Gloria and Charles Alter, and Esther and Barrie Zemmel. Devoted grandfather of 5. At Benjamin's Park Memorial Chapel, 2401 Steeles Avenue West (1 Block west of Dufferin), for service on Tuesday, August 30, at 11:00 a.m. Interment Workmen's Circle Section of Mt. Sinai Memorial Park. Memorial donations to Ontario Heart and Stroke Foundation would be appreciated.

January 28, 2006: Jachet Altsztejn Maluski death in Ontario, Canada


1 Moszek son of Froim
.. +Cypra
..... 2 David Altsztein b: 1802 in Mlawa, Poland d: in Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
......... +Elka Drozdowicz
............ 3 Efrem Altstein b: Bet. 1828 - 1831 in Poland
................ +Frida Rifka of Pincus b: 1836 in Poland
................... 4 Ethel Oldstein b: 1/8/1872 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Pol d: 3/1/1949 Lewiston, ME, US
....................... +Isaac Stasiovich Stachowitz b: 1/15/1875 Warsaw, Pol d: 9/22/1948 Lewiston,ME
.......................... 5 Isadore Stackowitz b: 17 Jan 1910 in Brooklyn, NY d: 20 Jan 1970 in Massachusetts
.............................. +Anne Thorner b: 1/30/1916 Brooklyn, NY d: 5/24/2012 Houston, TX
.........................................Barbara Toby Stack b: 7/29/1947 Dover, NH

Efrem Altstein b: c. 1828-31 Poland;
+ Frida Rifka Pincus b: c. 1836 Poland;

Doba Tsipra Altstein b: 1857 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
+Jojchem Altstein b: 1856 in Poland m: 12 Jun 1874 in Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland

Yetta Jenta Jejdla Altstein b: 11/11/1860 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland; d: 7/2/1935 Newark, NJ, USA
+Samuel Dultz b: 1861 Nowy Dwor, Pol d: 24 Sep 1949 in Newark, NJ m: 5/28/1880 Nowy Dwor, Pol

Sarah Aldstein
b: 1868 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland; d: c 1952 London, UK
+Isaac Greenbaum b: 1866 in Poland

Ethel Oldstein b: 1/8/1872 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland; d: 3/1/1949 Lewiston, Maine, USA
+Isaac Stachowitz b: 6/15/1875 Warsaw, Pol d: 22 Sep 1948 in Lewiston, Maine m: c.Nov 1891 Pol

Menachem Altsztein b: 1880 Mlawa, Warszawa, Poland; d: 1942 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
+Golda Laji Brawerman b: 12/28/1874, Wyszogrod, Poland; m: 1897, Wyszogrod, Poland.

Primary Documents on file:

November 11th 1860, Birth Jenta Jejdla Altsztejn, Nowy Dwor, Poland
birth certificate of Jenta Jejdla Altsztejn. She was born on November 11th 1860. Her parents are Froime worker aged 31 [1829] and Frida Ryfka aged 27 [1833] of Pinkus family. [Embedded in the 1880 Marriage document.]

July 20, 1865 Birth Haja Sura Altsztejn--Sarah (?),Nowy Dwor, Poland
In Nowy Dwor on the twenty of July in the year one thousand eight hundred sixty five
Altsztejn Froijm a wagoner thirty-seven years old [1828]
Wife Frajy Ryfki of Pinkus thirty years old and the baby Haja Sura

January 8, 1972 Birth Ethl, Nowy Dwor, Poland
At the town of Nowy Dwor, date January 18th, 1872 at 10:00 hrs had reached us a Jewish man named Froima Altsztejn, worker, resident of Nowy Dwor. He presented a baby girl who was born on January 8th, 1872. Froima declared he was the baby's father, and his wife is Frida Ryfka of Pinkus family aged 36 [1836]. The baby was given the name Etyl.

Descendants of Efrem & Freda Oldstein 4 generations
updated 3/21/2017
more generations can be emailed upon request.

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