The Torunczyk, Toronchik, Thorner Family from the area of Warsaw, Poland

My mother’s paternal grandmother was Glicke/Gussie Teronchek, born somewhere in Poland, perhaps near Warsaw, in about 1857.
I know that her parents were Meir and Sarah, and that’s all. She and her husband were likely cousins.

Glicke was married to Gedalia Lazar Chshunstofsky, born near Warsaw, in about 1854.
His parents were Yehuda Leib Chshunstofsky and Anna perhapsToronchik.
Gedalia took the name Thorner in the US, after the female Toronchik line.

Of course all spellings of Toronchik are arbitrary. I don’t have any documents from Poland.

Gedalia Chshunstofsky and Glicke Torunczyk wed in Poland

Glicke's 1926 death certificate. Her mother was Sarah Teronchick.
The name of her father on this certificate may be an erroneous reference to her husband (father of informant Meyer Thorner).

Gedalia's 1932 Death Certificate. His mother was Anna Toronchik

Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, NY. Section A4.
Glika daughter of Meir. Gedalia Eliezer, son of Yehuda Leib.

I've (perhaps) got a double dose of Toronchik!

Other Torunczyk/Toronchik/Thorner families we might be related to

There are other families who claim connection to my own via as-yet undefined familial connections
to my grandfather's brother Meyer Thorner or his daughter Molly Thorner Russek
Meyer Thorner family photos

On 2/14/2012 Ethan Russo wrote: My mother [Mildred (Amelia) Bromberg Russo] remembered that Sol Bromberg (my maternal grandfather) and Meyer Thorner were first cousins Additionally, my mother confirmed today that she knew the Thorner family and recognized Glicke’s name.

On 2/11/2019, Nancy Thorner Southern wrote me,
"Molly Thorner Russek was my father’s cousin. Lived near us on Long Island."

Torunczyk Photos

Thorner Photos (which are simultaneously Torunczyk photos)

Descendants of Parents of Glicke and Liba Torunczyk
available upon request

Background docs Gedalia Chrzadowski Thorner (1854-1932) and Glicke Torunczyk Chrzadowski Thorner (1857-1926)

Isidor Chrzadowski Thorner (1874-1933)
updated 8/18/2010

Theodore Chrzadowski Thorner (1878-1963)
updated 8/17/2010

David Chrzonstowski Thorner (ca 1879-?)
updated 8/19/2010

Meyer Chrzastowski Chrzastewski Thorner (ca 1881-?)
updated 8/13/2010

Abraham Chrzadowski Thorner (1887-1941)
updated 8/10/2010

Dora Chrzadowski Thorner Schraub (1895-?)
updated 8/11/2010

Anna Rose Chrzadowski Thorner Glaser (1901-?)
updated 8/12/2010

Blank Census Forms 1910 1920 1930 with clear headers

Blank 1940 Census Form (legal-sized, 2pp)

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