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March, 1957
: Atlantic City: About a year after I started playing violin in a school program in Dover, NH, begun by Cecil Carter and supervised by George Bornoff.
That's me in the argyle socks looking at the photographer, Marion L. Hamm, and not the conductor, Marvin Rabin.
Mrs. Hamm's son, Richard, later to be friend and frequent musical collaborator, is the boy in the plaid shirt standing second from right.

December 1, 1966: Lowell House, Harvard: Concertmaster Richard Hamm invited me over from Brandeis to play viola.

1967 in Brandeis Dorm with my second guitar and Dynaco SCA-35 that I built from a kit and customized.
I needed the gear to study for Music 1 taught by the great Leo Treitler. Photo by Walter Zimmerman

September 8, 1977: Daily Hampshire Gazette: Ladies Chain formation. Full article here

June 14, 1980: Daily Hampshire Gazette: Catching up with Nick Hawes. His sisters were part of the FSM!

1980 circa: Nick Hawes, Mark Kramer and me,

December 9, 1980: Daily Hampshire Gazette: Gospel music rings true (concert review)
I did occasional reviews and previews for the Gazette during 1980-81. See list here

April 2, 1981: Horace Clarence Boyer letter to BTS
12/9/1980, Daily Hampshire Gazette, Gospel music rings true
"'Take your time,' Boyer urged.' Yes, take your time,' echoed the congregation among the audience." ...
"The PVFS began something Friday night. Spiritual practice grows with teaching and repetition.
Teachers are among us. I urge the Folklore society to convene this would be congregation again next season."
We later briefly corresponded when he was at the Smithsonian.

February 12, 1981: Daily Hampshire Gazette: Benefit Concert for American Lung Assn.

April 23, 1981: Klezmorin preview

August 18, 1981: New York City, Lincoln Center Plaza
L to R: Cindy Green, Jackie Schwab, Lyn Amnring, Joe Gerhardt, BTS

1981 08 18 Barbara Toby Stack in Union Reel
August 18, 1981, New York City. Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors with Union Reel Band

I paid my dues!

1983: Northampton Federation of Musicians, Local 220 AF of M.

Fromers, Walden & Stack 1983
June 10, 1983: New Space, Valencia St., SF: L to R: Eleanor Walden, Irving Fromer, Barbara Stack, Jon Fromer

Fundi drawing of BTS circa 1984
circa 1984 Fundi drawing of BTS

1991 Klezmer Arrangements
Thanks to Joe Liebling and Stan Heilbrun for musical wisdom, taste, and advice.

November 15, 1998: My first OYO Program
Harold Lawrence *** Milly Rosner

5-23-1999 OYO Concert HL with KTOP staff
May 23, 1999: Oakland Youth Orchestra Concert in Calvin Simmons Theatre: HL with KTOP staff Michael Munson and Jerome Newton.
Harold is using and teaching the score-based real-time video editing. Barbara T. Stack photo.

July 1, 2001: Montecatini, Italy: On tour with Oakland Youth Orchetra: BTS and conductor Scott Parkman relax before concert. photo by Kristin Arendt
7/24/2001, Piedmont Post, Oakland Youth Orchestra captures hearts on Italy tour part 1, Barbara Stack
7/31/2001, Piedmont Post, Oakland Youth Orchestra captures hearts on Italy tour part 2, Barbara Stack

August 2, 2002: San Francisco: Association of California Symphony Orchestras panelist

June 28, 2004: Sydney, Australia: As Executive Director of the Oakland Youth Orchestra at Sydney Opera House.

June 27, 2007: Athens: On tour with the Oakland Youth Orchestra.
7/18/2007, Piedmont Post, Oakland Youth Orchestra: Bliss in Shades of Blue, part 1, Barbara Stack
August 22-28, 2007, Oakland Post, OYO's Hot Greek Odyssey: Bliss in Shades of Blue, part 2, Barbara Stack

June 28, 2007: Patra, Greece: Oakland Youth Orchestra Concert
June 28, 2007: Patras, Greece: Oakland Youth Orchestra Concert, Michael Morgan, conductor; B. T. Stack photo.

May 17, 2009: Oakland Youth Orchestra retirement

February 14, 2018: Red Cedar Chamber Music

Jewish Overture - Traditional (YouTube)

Bessarabia Horra and Bulgar - Traditional (YouTube)

2022: Barbara Dane: This Bell Still Rings, Heyday Press
pp. 447-48

May 4, 1966: I hear Barbara Dane live for first time


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