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Oldstein/Altstein Family Genealogy

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Many thanks to cousins Morton Knecht and to his son Alan K'necht, now JRI Poland Nowy Dwor Town Leader

David Moszkowicz Altsztein b: 1802, Mlawa, Poland; d: Nowy Dwor, Poland
and Elka/Ella/Elli Drozdowicz
b: 1803 Nowy Dwor, Poland; d: 1843 - 1872

David’s Parents: Moszek Fraimowicz + Cypra
Ella's Parents: Lewek Lieb Drozdowicz + Sora


Icek Moszek Altstein b:1827; d: 1874, Nowy Dwor
Leizer Altstein b: 1829; d: 12 Dec 1846, Nowy Dwor
Efrem Altstein b: c. 1828-31 Poland; + Frida Rifka Pincus + Frida Rifka Pincus b: c. 1833-36 Poland;
Hersz Tzvi Altsztejn b: 15 Apr 1832, Nowy Dwor + Anna Bernstein
Nuchel Altsztejn b: 20 Feb 1834, Nowy Dwor b: 1833 - 1836 Poland
Sura-Cypra Altstein b: 1837 Nowy Dwor; d: 25 Dec 1903, Warszawa, Poland + David Zvi (Hersh) Knecht

August 15, 1826 Alegata Record in Nowy Dwor
attesting to the identity of Ella Drozdowicz (3pp, Polish language)

It ocurred in the municipal registry of the city of Nowy Dwór on the 15th of August 1826.

In front of me, the mayor of the city of Nowy Dwór in Warsaw District, Mazovian Voivodeship, appeared this day the Jewess Ella Drozdowicz assisted by her father Lewko Drozdowicz, living here at number 137, [she is] living with him, who cannot obtain a birth certificate, because she is of the Jewish faith. She put forward two witnesses, known personally by this registry, living in this city, both law-abiding, and asked to be given an Act of Establishment of Identity in place of a birth certificate, based on the witnesses' statements, which she requests be heard.

Accepting the request of the petitioner, the mayor of this city will hear the witnesses as follows:

1. The witness Oszer Tasiemowicz(?), aged 69, of the Jewish faith, married, for 40 years a resident of this city, a stallholder by profession, stated "I know the Jewess Ella Drozdowicz, maiden, I also knew her parents, her father Lewko Drozdowicz [end of page]

...living in this city, and the mother Lora [Sora], no longer living. I know that she was born in this city in the year 1803, and therefore she is now 23 years of age, I also know that she has the intention to be married with the Jew Dawid Altsztein, and also I know quite well that Ella Drozdowicz has not promised herself in marriage to anyone so far. The above statement, which is a thorough and accurate portrayal of the truth, may [act] as a proof of all this. [The witness] is prepared, upon demand, to swear this, and he also signs by hand below.

2. The witness Dawid Kluk, aged 40, of the Jewish faith, married, living here since birth, a stallholder by profession - he stated:

Having had the statement of the first witness read to me, this statement is truthful, and based on what I know, I completely concur with all the points, and I state, as a proof of the above, that upon demand I will swear this, and that I sign this by hand.

The mayor of the city of Nowy Dwór.
The above signatures of the Jews Oszer Tasiemowicz(?) [end of page]

... and Dawid Kluk attest by their own signatures. The original copy of the above Act was given to the petitioner with a purpose of providing confirmation [of the above] to use when demanded by the law.

September 12, 1826 Alegata Record in Góra
establishing Identity of Dawid Moszkowicz Altsztejn. (2pp, Polish language)

It occurred in the registry of the village mayor of the district of Góra on the 12th of September 1826.

Act Establishing Identity

Appearing personally in the registry of the village mayor of the district of Góra [were] Dawid Moszkowicz Altsztejn entering the communion of marriage with the Jewess Ela Lewkowicz Drożdzewicz. He brought two credible witnesses for whom nothing has turned them against the law, to wit:

Heka(?) Ickowicz Gurkowicz, aged 39, Kasyl Bajnusowicz Buznicki, living in the town of Nowy Dwór, aged 24, the first [witness], however, living in the village and district of Góra. They stated, after being reminded to give the whole truth, that they knew Dawid Moszkowicz Altsztejn well enough, that he was indeed 24 years old, that he had never before entered into marriage [end of page]

[...marriage] and was not a blood relative of his future spouse Ela Lewkowicz Drożdzewicz - This statement was given as the truth in the local registry and signed by hand, and upon demand, they will make a sworn statement.


This act of establishing identity is confirmed by the village mayor of the district of Góra based on the testimony of the abovementioned signed witnesses.

Produced in Góra on the abovementioned date


September 13, 1826, Marriage Elka Drozdowicz and David Altsztein Akta 04,
(1p, Polish language)

marriage in Nowy Dwor between David Altsztein, 24, born in in Mlawa, son of Moszek Freimowicz , a workman from Nasielsk (?) and deceased Cypra Moszkówna and Elka Drozdowicz, 23, daughter of Lewek Drozdowicz, a workman from Nowy Dwór and deceased Sura Lewkówna.

It all happened in Nowy Dwór on 13 September in the year 1826 at four o'clock afternoon. There appeared a Jew Iciek Goldberg - a Rabbie from Nowy Dwór with accompany of a Jew Dawid Altsztein - living and working in the village of Góra in the Góra commune; twenty four years old, he was born in Mlawa, son of Moszek Freimowicz - a workman from Nasielsk (?) and deceased Cypra Moszkówna and Elka Drozdowicz, a maid twenty three years old, daughter of Lewek Drozdowicz - a workman from Nowy Dwór and deceased Sura (?) Lewkówna. The Rabbi with accompany of Moszek Fraimowicz (father of Dawid Altsztein) and Lewek Drozdowicz (father of Sura Drozdowicz) and a witnesses Kasnyk Bu?nicki - a teacher  twenty four years old and Aron Drozdowicz - twenty eight years old, both from Nowy Dwór and he announced that today was getting marriage between Dawid Altsztein and Ella Drozdowicz. The marriage was announced on 31 August and 6 September in Nowy Dwór and this marriage got verbal agreement and no one hadn't any objection. Newly married couple announced that they didn't conclude a premarital agreement.  The following act was read in the presence of newly married couple and witnesses and was written only by Rabbi Icek Goldberg, Dawid Altsztejn and Kasnyk Bu?nicki because the others became illiterate.

April 23, 1832 Birth Record of Hersz Altstein, Akta 13 Polish language

Translation thanks to Valerie Baginski:
This happened in the city of Nowy Dwór, on the 23rd of April 1832, at 8 a.m. Jew Dawid Altsztein appeared, day-laborer residing here in Nowy Dwór, age 40, in the presence of witnesses, Jews Moszka Borensztein, teacher, age 45, and Matys Junkier, fuller (hatter), age 32, here in Nowy Dwór residing, and showed us a child of male sex born here in Nowy Dwór on the 15th of April this year at midnight, to his wife Ela Altsztein, age 30, who, at circumcision, was given the name Hersz. This document was read aloud to the declarant and witnesses and signed by all.

February 20, 1834: Birth Nuchel Altsztejn Akta 4 Polish language

Date of record: Nowy Dwór, 1 March 1834, 9 a.m.
Father: Dawid Altsztein, day-laborer, age 27, residing here in Nowy Dwór
Child: male named Nuchel Fux [or could maybe be Fuks; two given names] born here in Nowy Dwór on 22 February this year at 5 a.m.
Mother: Etla Altsztein, age 24

Note that the handwriting of the Nuchel Fux witness signature in No. 3 is identical to the writing in the right margin of No. 4. That was probably written by the clerk. Nuchel Fux signed in Yiddish.

And Alan K'necht sees the dates as February 22, 1834 Birth  and 3 March 1834 Record date. To be further researched.

Here is a condensation of the Index Page. Same handwriting.

Conclusion: Fux appears in the family name column and is not a second given name. This is Nuchel Altsztein, incorrectly recorded.



1 Moszek son of Froim
.. +Cypra
..... 2 David Altsztein b: 1802 in Mlawa, Poland d: in Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
......... +Elka Drozdowicz
............ 3 Efrem Altstein b: Bet. 1828 - 1831 in Poland
................ +Frida Rifka of Pincus b: 1836 in Poland
................... 4 Ethel Oldstein b: 1/8/1872 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Pol d: 3/1/1949 Lewiston, ME, US
....................... +Isaac Stasiovich Stachowitz b: 1/15/1875 Warsaw, Pol d: 9/22/1948 Lewiston,ME
.......................... 5 Isadore Stackowitz b: 17 Jan 1910 in Brooklyn, NY d: 20 Jan 1970 in Massachusetts
.............................. +Anne Thorner b: 1/30/1916 Brooklyn, NY d: 5/24/2012 Houston, TX
.........................................Barbara Toby Stack b: 7/29/1947 Dover, NH

Efrem Altstein b: c. 1828-31 Poland;
+ Frida Rifka Pincus b: c. 1836 Poland;

Doba Tsipra Altstein b: 1857 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
+Jojchem Altstein b: 1856 in Poland m: 12 Jun 1874 in Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland

Yetta Jenta Jejdla Altstein b: 11/11/1860 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland; d: 7/2/1935 Newark, NJ, USA
+Samuel Dultz b: 1861 Nowy Dwor, Pol d: 24 Sep 1949 in Newark, NJ m: 5/28/1880 Nowy Dwor, Pol

Sarah Aldstein b: 1868 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland; d: c 1952 London, UK
+Isaac Greenbaum b: 1866 in Poland

Ethel Oldstein b: 1/8/1872 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland; d: 3/1/1949 Lewiston, Maine, USA
+Isaac Stachowitz b: 6/15/1875 Warsaw, Pol d: 22 Sep 1948 in Lewiston, Maine m: c.Nov 1891 Pol

Menachem Altsztein b: 1880 Mlawa, Warszawa, Poland; d: 1942 Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
+Golda Laji Brawerman b: 12/28/1874, Wyszogrod, Poland; m: 1897, Wyszogrod, Poland.

Descendants of Efrem & Freda Oldstein 4 generations
updated 3/21/2017
more generations can be emailed upon request.

Doba Tsipra Altstein
+ Jojchem Chaim (Jacob) Altstein Oldstein

Sarah Aldstein
+ Isaac Greenbaum
Ethel Oldstein
+ Isaac Stasiovich Stachowitz
Menachem Altsztein
+ Golda Laji Brawerman
1857, Nowy Dwor
11/11/1860, Nowy Dwor
1868, Nowy Dwor
1/8/1872, Nowy Dwor
1873, Mlawa- 11/16/1941, Nowy Dwor

Name: Yetta Dultz
Death: 21 Jul 1935
Father: Ephraim Altstein
Cong. Ahavath Achim B'nai Jacob
Grove Street Cem, Row10-#14R
Newark, NJ, Jersey, US



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