The First New Hampshire Thorners
Henry Thorner and Family

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From Fay Bussgang:
TORUŃCZYK, Chajm (ca 1777-) & WARTSKA, Etta/Itta
…TORUŃCZYK, Icek (1806-3/25/1878) & PIOTROWSKA, Rojza (1807-5/22/1882)
……TORUŃCZYK, Dawid (1828-4/29/1906) & FRENKIEL, Glicka (Augusta) (c1852–10/31/1905)
………THORNER, Henry (1885-1965) & STUEHLER, Rose & STUEHLER, Freda

My Uncle Mel Thorner (1921-1999) lived in Manchester from around 1950, and per his son, Richard, had heard of Henry Thorner, wondered whether they might be related, but never met him. They were 2nd cousins twice removed.
From Fay Bussgang:
TORUŃCZYK, Chajm (ca 1777 - ) & WARTSKA, Etta/Itta
…Abram TORUNCZYK (1803-1880) + Ester Bine WIDAWSKA (1805-?)
……Meir Teronchek 1829-1879 + Malka Zylberberg
………Glicke/Gussie Teronchek (1857-1926) + Abraham Chshunstofsky/Thorner (1854-1932)
…………Abraham Thorner (1887-1941) + Rebecca Nelson (1891-1945)
……………Melvin Thorner (1921-1999)

September 6, 1901: Arr. NYC from Hamburg on Augusta Victoria
Salomon Thorner, age 19, going to brother Sam then brother William
Wolf/William TORONCZYK, b 1871, son of Dawid TORUNCZYK and Ruchla LAUTENBERG was his half brother,
as was Wolf’s brother Szmul/Samuel THORNER/Torunczyk, born 1874

January 3, 1912: Petition of Henry Thorner, Cigar Packer
born May 1, 1885 in Warsaw; arr. Augusta Victoria 9/6/1901

February 20, 1914: Manhattan, NY: Marriage License Henry Thorner and Rosa Stuhler
I haven't been able to find the license itself

November 8, 1914: Manchester, NH: David Thorner born to Henry Thorner and Rose Stuehler

September 12, 1918: Manchester, NH: Henry Thorner: WWI Draft Card
He had blue eyes!

August 11, 1919: Manchester, NH: Birth female Thorner, later named Miriam

January 17, 1920: Manchester, NH: Census
Henry Thorner 34, Rose Thorner 31, David Thorner 5, Miriam Thorner 0 [5/12]

November 19, 1926: Departure Frieda Stühler, Hamburg to New York, Residence: Unterwertha; Destination: Manchester

July 16, 1927: Warner, NH: Death Rose Thorner

March 31, 1929: Manchester, NH: Marriage Henry Thorner and Frieda Stuhler

April 14, 1930: US Census: 78 Walnut Street, Manchester, NH
Henry Thorner, 43; Freda Thorner, 37; David Thorner, 15; Miriam Thorner, 11

April 8, 1940: 238 Pearl Street, Manchester, NH: Census
Henry Thorner, 53; Freda Thorner, 47; Mirian Thorner, 20; mother-in-law Helen Stuchler, 79

April 7, 1950: Census: Manchester NH: Henry Thorner and Frieda Thorner

August 4, 1959: Manchester (NH) Union Leader, page 6: obit Freida Thorner
Survivors include her husband, Henry Thorner,
a son David Thorner, a daughter, Mrs. Marion Charron,
two brothers, Adolph Stuhler and Max Stuhler, and a sister, Miss Betty Stuhler.

December 15, 1965: Death of Henry Thorner in Hillsborough, NH

December 17, 1965: Manchester Union Leader: Henry Thorner obit
family incudes a son, and a daughterm Mrs. Miriam Charron, and a sister, Mrs. Bella Goldway

Family is welcome and, indeed, urged, to copy documents to their personal collections.