The Names of Glicka Torunczyk Thorner

1857, Poland - June 4, 1926, Brooklyn
daughter of Meir

Torunczyk Genealogy

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Glicke Torunczyk Chshunstofsky Thorner

1879 Plock Death Record, Akta 3 Meier Toronczyk (Миеръ Торунчикъ): lists his kids: Glika: Глику
this document also mentions a sister Liba-Chaya and a brother Leyzer Wolf.
It also mentions Malka Zilberberg, the widow, who may or may not be mother to Glicka or the others, though another document suggests she is.

January 20, 1879: Plock Death Meir Toruńczyk Akta 3, image 1298, roll 1733679. Russian language.
Meier Toronczyk (Миеръ Торунчикъ): lists his kids: Leyzer Wolf, Liba-Chaya, and Glicka, my great grandmother.
It also mentions Malka Zilberberg, the widow and per the Ozorków Book of Residents, the mother of the kids.


August 8, 1903: arrival Gedalia & Glaka Chrzadowski & family. Abram (later, Abraham) was my grandfather.
going to the mysterious Wolf Thorner.

June 1, 1905: NY State Census: East Third Street, Manhattan, NY: Rica Thorner, 48

April 11, 1910: US Census Colchester, New London, Connecticut; Augusta Thorner 52
2/3/2010: Anne Thorner Stack to Barbara Stack via phone:
She remembers the fact of a farm in Colchester, CT and that her dad Abraham once stopped by the farm on his way home from a visit to NYC,
and returned to Maine with dreams of taking up farming. but his wife Rebecca would have none of it.

another Augusta Thorner

There was an Augusta Frenkel Thorner ca 1852 - 31 Oct 1905, Warsaw) (hebrew name: Glika) married to a David Thorner, parents of Henry Thorner of Manchester, NH. I show genetic relatedness to people in this family.


January 3, 1920: US Census: 295 N. 2nd Street, Brooklyn; Place of birth: Warsaw. I used to hear family was from "Warsaw area." Gussie Thorner, 62

October 15, 1923: Bronx, New York: Marriage Isidor Thorner and Dina Levitch
Glaka Tarovchik. It would be great to see the application.

June 4, 1926: Death Certificate for Gussie Thorner, 295 S Second St., Brooklyn.
Signed by undertaker; Meyer Thorner, her son and probable informant, represented as deceased’s husband.
Father: Gedalia Thorner (her husband); Maiden Name of Mother: Sarah Turanchick, very likely an error.

June 4, 1926: Glika Thorner, daughter of Meir. FindAGrave

July 28, 1932: Gedalia Thorner Death Certificate: Wife Gertrude Thorner, deceased. Informant was Son David Thorner.

another Gertrude Thorner

There was an Gertrude Weisberg Thorner (ca 2/29/1893 - 10/27/1983) married to an Albert Thorner, parents of Geraldine.

November 5, 1999: Jacob Thorner letter to Barbara Stack: Glicka Teronchek
Jacob was the son of Isidore and Getel.

Success at Last!
originally published in Mass-pocha (Fall/Winter 1997) by Fay Bussgang
this is an excellent account of Fay's discovery of her Torunczyk roots

My sister Ellen Gail bears the middle name Glicke after our great grandmother.
My late cousin George Katz was our Gedalia for many years.

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