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June 14, 2014: Stark Park, Manchester, NH: Katherine Thorner day before her piano recital

August 15, 2012 Niece R in UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens art installation

September 26, 2010, Northampton, MA: Heather McLaughlin, clarinet and Tom McCurry, orchids.

Rose Sobel at UCB Botanical Gardens
September 10, 2009: Berkeley, CA: Niece R at UCB Botanical Gardens,

June 28, 2007: Patra, Greece: Oakland Youth Orchestra Concert
June 28, 2007: Patra, Greece: Oakland Youth Orchestra Concert, Michael Morgan, conductor

Ming Luke conducting OYO
September 18, 2005 Ming Luke conducting Oakland Youth Orchestra

Ruthie Price on OYO Tour in Sydney 2004
June 28, 2004: Sydney, Australia: Ruthie Price on Oakland Youth Orchestra Tour

DSCN0602crop4small Bill Mandel
February 14, 2004: Bill Mandel

2001-2002 Clorox Foundation Annual Report cover

May 23, 1999: Oakland Youth Orchestra Concert in Calvin Simmons Theatre:
Harold Lawrence with KTOP staff Michael Munson and Jerome Newton.
Harold is using and teaching the score-based real-time video editing.

Do & Beau in Nola Dec 1991
December 1991: New Orleans: Niece Dori & Nephew Beau

March 18, 1972, Durham, NH: Joyce Maynard and her mother, my teacher, Fredelle Maynard. Book published in paperback 1999.

1971 La Famille Humblot, Lyon, France

1970 July Wally Zimmerman in Canada
the effect on the right was not done in Photoshop, but in the darkroom with a neg/pos sandwich.
more Brandeis pix

1959 Biddeford Max Sarah Mel Irving
1959: Biddeford, Maine: from left: Irving Thorner, Max and Sarah Cook, Mel Thorner

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