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The Robinson family name was Yecht and city of origin was Lokachi for David and for his children, Kovel, now in Ukraine
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Ben Robinson’s Story by David Robinson
based on interviews in Ogunquit Maine, 1967 or 1968

My mother was a very extraordinary woman. She had a tremendous respect for my father because he was a very learned man. My mother was able to read Hebrew and she prayed every day and she was more tolerant than my father was. My father was a strict individual. He didn't like the family leaving the fold, as it were, and we all left the fold from time to time.

1895 circa, Eta and David Robinson from collection of Dan Loeb, Berkeley, CA.
Ita arrived in US 8/7/1895. She was born about 1855, so is estimated at 40 years old here.
Alternatively, it would have been taken in Europe before David's departure in 1892.

Note on her date of birth, which varies from document to document.
I ave a birth date for her father, Chiam Eliezer Lapides, as c1848. [source?]
If Eta were born c1855, he would have been too young. She may have been younger than thought.

August 7, 1895 arr NYC from Bremen: SS Dresden: Itte Robinsohn, 38 [1857], Chaje (Ida), 10, Chaim (Hyman) 8, Shmuel (Samuel), 6, and Itzig (Benjamin?), 4.

June 11, 1900 US Census: 21 Chatham Street, Portland, ME; David Robinson 46 and Hattie Robinson 48 [1852], & family

February 25, 1902: Portland, ME: Marriage Ida Robinson & Frank Kumin Bride's parents: David Robinson and Itha Lapides

November 7, 1905: Portland, ME Marriage Jacob Robinson & Rose Nelson: Groom's Parents: David Robinson and Ida Lappides

April 25, 1910 US Census: Newbury Street, Portland, ME: David Robinson, 55, Etta Robinson, 53 [1857], Benjamin Robinson
January 8 & 9, 1920
US Census: 78 Dyer Street, Portland, Maine: Edith Robinson, 70 [1850], Cook boys, etc.
Feb 26, 2019: via email: Judith Cook (Tucker):
“My father told us that he lived in Portland for the year after his mother died because his father could not leave the family
and Portland was where there was a synagogue with a minyan, so he was sent, at the age of 13, to the aunt to say Kadish every day for a year, on his way to school.”

June 24, 1923: Montreal: Marriage Ben Robinson & Antonia Seiden: Groom's Parents: David Robinson and Itta Lapides

April 5, 1930 US Census: 49 Beckett Street, Portland, ME: Max Robinson and Yetta Robinson, 75 [1855]

April 8, 1940 US Census: 48 Beckett Street, Portland, ME: Ette Robinson, 90 [1850] and Bessie Margonstein

undated photo, probably taken in Portland, Maine, from Joseph Chandler collection
If we could ID the girl, we could date the photo.
Irving Robinson wrote Joe Chandler, quoted in Dearest Rachel: "I remember Bubbie Eta being a great romantic as I heard that she read romantic stories when she was in her 90's.
I remember her being a very independent person who refused to move into the Portland Old People's Home because she said that the people there were too old for her.
She was a very a generous person and I once heard her say that the only legacy she was leaving her children was a trunk full of receipts from the various organizations she supported.
The Lubovitch rebbe in Montreal told me that she phoned him when she wanted a halachic question answered."

November 19, 1946: Death of Etta Robinson, 92 [1854] promptly reported by Montreal Gazette
image thanks to Filler Cousin Issie Perel



Document Histories:

David Robinson (1853-1922) and Hattie/Etta/Edith/Yetta/Ida Lapides Robinson (1855-1946)
updated 9/6/2012 + 1922 Death cert........................................................ updated 11/10/2010

Max Robinson (1871-1938)
updated 3/2/2018 +1910 Census

Rose Robinson Abrahamson (1874/1876-1936)
updated 11/9/2010

Abraham Robinson (1876-1942)
updated 9/5/2016 + 1901 Naturalization

Morris Robinson (1879-1947)
updated 11/24/2018 + manifest and more

Jacob "Jake" Robinson (1880-1944)
updated 11/25/2018 + manifest and more

Ida Robinson Kumin Francke (1883-1961)
updated 10/13/2018 + various

Hyman Robinson (1886-1955)
updated 11/20/2010

Sam Robinson (1887-1973)
updated 11/20/2010

Benjamin Robinson (1892-1969)
updated 9/4/2011 + various manifests

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