The Yechts Were Chassids


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There are 4 somewhat independent groups of evidence:


Bessie Robinson Loeb said so
Chana Shlager married a Chassidic rabbi
Many in the Portland, Maine, family belonged to a Chassidic synagogue

Eta Robinson consulting the Lubovitch rebbe in Montreal

Grandma Bessie,
a filmed interview by her grandson Carl Loeb
November 30, 1996
"My grandfather was a Chasidic Jew."
Bessie Robinson Loeb's grandfather was David Robinson, nee Yecht, born 5/5/1851 in Lokacze, Ukraine and died 7/21/1918 in Portland, Maine
She was a great granddaughter of Isaac Yecht and Anyeh or Rosa Resnick.
Her parents were Abraham Robinson and Nellie Spegelman
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Joe Chandler, Dearest Rachel:
"One of Rochel's daughters, Chana (Anna), was married to the Rabbi Moshe Rokeach and they have an extensive family in the New York area."  
Rochel's parents were Avram Michel Schleger/Nelson and Toby's half? Sister Rochel Leah Yecht.
Rochel Leah Yecht's parents were Isaac Yecht and Anyeh Resnick.

Kevarim webpage on Rebbe Rokeach, Kiev Zlotchover Rebbe

Barbara Toby Stack // Nov 26, 2015 at 12:57 am


I am related to the Rabbi’s first wife, Chana Schlager, who died in 1914, and who was the mother of his four daughters. She was the half- or three-quarter-sister of my grandmother, Rebecca Schlager Nelson Thorner.

Only recently did I bring my attention to this corner of my mother’s mother’s family, while working on an overview webpage:

I consulted the prior research of my cousin Joseph Chandler of Portland, Maine.

Joe wrote: “One of Rochel’s daughters, Chana (Anna), was married to the Rabbi Moshe Rokeach and they have an extensive family in the New York area.”

You can download my research on Chana Schlager & Moses Rokeach and their 4 daughters here:

I would love to learn more about this part of my family and would appreciate any introductions.

Chana Schleger (-1915) and Rabbi Moses Rokeach (1868-1939)

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Rabbi Rokeach, per his June 28, 1924 Manifest, was going to join his brother-in-law Hersch Katz in Portland, Maine.

Hersh Katz, known in 1917 as Harry was a signatory and member of Anshe Sfard Chassidic Synagogue
Anshe Sfard: Portland’s Forgotten Chassidic Synagogue, by Susan Cummings-Lawrence

Anshe Sfard mortgage signatures, Portland, 1917

Hyman Finkelman
Abraham Seigal
Wolf Russman
Joseph Nelson
Abee Herman
Abraham Iseman
David Finkleman
Bernard Cohen
Lewis Lerman---our family?
Bernard Cope
Loupre Fareu[?]
Morris Finkelman
Gimpel Lerman
Harry Katz
Herman Cohen
Abraham S. Levey

Yechts are bolded

Anshe Sfard, Portland's Early Chassidic Congregation, by Susan Cummings-Lawrence

August 30, 1942: On the steps of Anshe Sfard Synagogue, Portland, Maine
My mother Anne Thorner was the maid of honor at the wedding of her first cousin Anne Robinson, whose parents lived in Montreal.
their closest common ancestors were Avram Michel Schleger/Nelson and Taube/Tobie Echt/Yecht Shleger Nelson Sacknoff (born in Lokacze, Ukraine).
They both are great granddaughters of Isaac Yecht and Anyeh Resnick.
Anne Robinson's parents were Jacob "Jake" Robinson and his cousin Rose Nelson
Anne Thorner's parents were Abraham Thorner and Becky Nelson, Rose Nelson's sister

August 30, 1942: On the steps of Anshe Sfard Synagogue, Portland, ME. photo courtesy of Helen Isenman, Portland via Susan Cummings-Lawrence

Family Memorials from the Yartzeit Board at Anshe Sfard

1935 10-08 Abraham Cook Memorial Anshe Sfard
His wife was Bessie / Pesha Miriam Nelson,
daughter of Avram Michel Schleger/Nelson
+ Toby's half? Sister Rochel Leah Yecht
1944 07-14 Jacob Robinson memorial in Anshe Sfard
Jacob was the father of Anne Robinson Leman, bride, above, and to right
1959 04-04 Anne Robinson Leman memorial Anshe Sfard
Anne is the bride in the above photo

September 30, 2010: Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Portland Maine
L: Molly Schwartz Cinamon, daughter of Sarah Shlager Nelson and Helen Cope Isenman. Barbara Toby Stack photo
Yecht family Cemetery tour (alas, incomplete)
Others buried there include: Hadas Chandler,

Irving Robinson wrote Joe Chandler, quoted in Dearest Rachel:
"I remember Bubbie Eta [Chia/Ida/Etta/Edith/Hattie Lapides (c1855-1946) wife of David Robinson] being a great romantic as I heard that she read romantic stories when she was in her 90's.
I remember her being a very independent person who refused to move into the Portland Old People's Home because she said that the people there were too old for her.
She was a very a generous person and I once heard her say that the only legacy she was leaving her children was a trunk full of receipts from the various organizations she supported.
The Lubovitch rebbe in Montreal told me that she phoned him when she wanted a halachic question answered."

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