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Photos of families of children of Avram Michel Nelson and Toby's half? Sister Rachel Yecht: Bessie, Joseph Hirsch, and Rifke Nelson and Chana Shlager Rokeach

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Rose and Becky ca 1908

Rebecca Nelson and Rose Filler Siegel Chandler circa 1908. Family lore has it that they came to America together posing as sisters.
On that manifest for Rose: Cymric, Arrival Boston: 17 Jun 1906; Departure: Liverpool, England (8 June 1906) you can also find Lou Kates’ mother Esther (Rebecca's sister) and son Isaac, as well as Rose’s sister Anna/Hannah. Esther and Anna, but not Rose, are marked as coming from Volnia. I have been trying to find subsequent appearances of Anna/Hannah and her husband Mordechai Lichtenberg (name from Chandler tree) in the US, and have failed. It remains possible that she who is identified as Anna Filler is, in fact, Becky Nelson.

Nelson and Thorner women
June, 1924, probably at Old Orchard Beach, Maine: Becky Nelson Thorner • Etta Nelson Chase • Rose Nelson Robinson mystery person
Anna Thorner Glaser (a redhead) • Minnie Marcus Cook. Anne Thorner Stack's collection.

circa 1929, Maine: Front L to R: Sylvia Cook, Rose Nelson Robinson, Mystery woman, Becky Nelson Thorner, Minnie Marcus Cook, Mel Thorner.
Rear, L to R: Mystery man, Irving Thorner, Ann Robinson Leman. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

July 5, 1936: 74 Mason Street, Biddeford, Maine: L to R: Max Nelson, Abraham Thorner, Irving Thorner. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

July 5, 1936, Old Orchard Beach, Maine: L to R: sibs Becky Nelson Thorner, Max Nelson and Rose Nelson Robinson. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Top row: L to R: Max and Minnie Cook (Minnie died 1/6/1941), Jake Robinson.
Bottom, L to R: Sarah Nelson Schwartz, Rose Nelson Robinson, Becky Nelson Thorner, Etta Nelson Chase.

Top row: L to R: Jake Robinson, Minnie & Max Cook (Minnie died 1/6/1941).
Bottom, L to R: Sarah Nelson Schwartz, Rose Nelson Robinson, Becky Nelson Thorner, Etta Nelson Chase. Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.

Same day as above: Front: Molly Schwartz Cinamon;
Middle row L to R: Max Cook, mystery 1, mystery 2, Sarah Nelson Schwartz;
Top row L to R: Jake Robinson, Rose Nelson Robinson, mystery 3 (Becky?), mystery 4, mystery 5. Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.

1938 Circa, 74 Mason Street, Biddeford, ME: Lou Kates, Mel Thorner and Anne Thorner. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

circa 1945, 74 Mason Street, Biddeford, Maine: L to R: Irving Thorner, Bess Kates, Sarah Nelson Schwartz Cook, Max Cook, Molly Schwartz. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Irving Thorner Wedding
May 9, 1948, Bradford Hotel, Boston: Irving and Bertha Thorner Wedding. Top row, L to R: Burton Cook • Sylvia Cook • Sam Cook • Max Cook • Rose Robinson • Izzy Stack • Mel Thorner • Anne Stack • Etta Chase • Micky Schwartz • Maurice Cook
Front row, L to R: Jack Cook • Molly Cook • Sadie Cook • Sarah Cook • Dorothy and Bob Cook • Annette Cook • Mike Weber • Molly Schwartz
Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Eddie Miroff Bar Mizvah, Portland 1956
From left top row: Dave Kates, Hazel Brenerman, David Finkelman, Tela Millman, Jerry & Lois Chase, Dave & Dottie Millman, Joe Robinson, Irving & Esther Robinson
From left middle row: Anne Stairman (daughter of Joseph Nelson), Dick & Jan Chase, son of Hazel Brenerman (Marty?), Etta Chase, Rose Chandler, Anne Robinson Leman, Molly Finkelman, Molly Cook, Rose Robinson?, Sadie & Sam Cook
Front: Irving & Bertha Thorner
circa 1956, Eddie Miroff Bar Mitzvah, Portland from collection of Molly Cinamon

1959 Biddeford Max Sarah Mel Irving
1959: 74 Mason Street, Biddeford, Maine: from left: Irving Thorner, Max and Sarah Nelson Cook, Mel Thorner. photo by Barbara Stack

Chandlers and Cinamons
October 1, 2010, Portland, ME: Marjorie and Joe Chandler and Molly and Jack Cinamon. Barbara Stack photo.
Joe and Molly are half second cousins once removed.
Joe's mother was Rose Filler; His father's moother was Hoodis Filler; Molly's mother was Sarah Nelson Schwartz Cook.

My 70th Birthday Party

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