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Joseph or Yosel Filler was a son of Isaac Yecht and Anya Resnick's sister
his siblings, whole and 3/4, included David Robinson, Toby Yecht Nelson, Fayga Yecht Cohen, and Malka Simma Yecht Schiff.
he was married to Toybeh Malka Baer

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Document Histories children of Joseph Filler (click to download pdf):

Zvi Hirsch (Harry) (Yecht) Filler

Rosse Filler

Raiza Filler

Odas/Hodas/Hoodis Filler b: c 1868, Kissilin, Ukraine; d: 4/29/1939, Portland, Maine

Beryl/Benjamin Filler b: c1874, Kovel

A Fuller Life: The Sam Fuller Documentary – Trailer
Directed by his daughter, Samantha Fuller
Sam Fuller was Beryl Filler's son

Beryl's son Ving Fuller

Ving drew the first newspaper Betty Boop strips!

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Pinchas Filler


November 30, 1996 Carl Loeb interview of Bessie Robinson Loeb Bondy

the old country their name was Yecht (9 seconds) NEW on YouTube

My grandfather was a Chasidic Jew (9 seconds) NEW on YouTube

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Blank Census Forms 1910 1920 1930 with clear headers

Blank 1940 Census Form (legal-sized, 2pp)

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