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At this point, this represents my great great grandfather, Shepsl,
and my great gradfather Matys and his sister Fruma and their descendents

Just some of the names used
STASOWICZ (in Polish in Poland), Стасіовичь (in Russian in Poland), STUCHOWITZ (London), STACAWICH (London), STOCKERVITCH (London), STASCHEWITZ (Hamburg to New York), STOCHKOWITZ (New York), STARSHEVITZ (Boston), STOKOVITZ (Boston), STACHOWITZ (New York),

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10/27/1855, Zakroczym, Poland (about 4.5 miles from Nowy Dwor): Birth Matys Nosan Stasowicz (father of Isaac, Hyman, & Ben et al.) (Polish Language)

8/17/1871, Nowy Dwor, Poland: Marriage Matys Stasiowicz /Стасіовичь (Russian Language)

father: Mates Nusyn Stasiowicz ● Матесъ Нусынъ Стасіовичь

mother: (approximately) Suri Krajndla Zlotnicka ● (approximately) Сурьі Кра ____ Зелотн____

Ajzyk Stasiowicz ● Айзыкъ Стасіовичь
He grew up to be Isaac Stachowitz, my father's father

8/8/1872 Nowy Dwor, Poland Birth Ajzyk Stasiowicz Akta 148 (Russian Language)

10/1/1898 London: Betsy Stuchowitz birth. Aunt Betsy was my father's sister.

1901 London Census: Stacawich

10/12/1901, London: Fanny Stuchowitz birth

There was a an esteemed and widely known public figure, A Russian nobleman named Stachowitz. It is my theory is that during the early twentieth century our family name tended toward that spelling.

The Independent, Volume 54, page 661
Published: January 1902

A Russian Appeal for Religious Liberty

the Marshal of the nobility in the Government of Orel, Mr. Stachowitz, has not only aroused the whole orthodox Church, but secured international attention.… for the first time a prominent and influential Russian official and layman in a convention consisting of clergymen and ecclesiastics, and assembled purposely to suppress religious dissent, could utter such sentiments on religious liberty and tolerance. ….. He openly declared that it should be the privilege of everybody to decide upon his religious convictions and that everybody should have the privilege of severing his connection with the State Church if he so desired, and the State should not any longer punish such a step. The address has been widely discussed by the Russian press…..


10/24/1903, London: Jack Stochervitch birth

1/13/1907, New York: Stasewich family arrival on the St. Louis from Southampton

8/9/1907 Immigration Hamburg to New York   SS Pennsylvania
Chaim Staschewitz (later Hyman) Estimated Birth Year: abt 1887  Age Year: 20  Residence: & Birth Nowydwor
Occupation: locksmith; Father: Matio [?]Staschewitz, Nowy Dwor; Brother: Isaac 175 Moore, Brooklyn

1/17/1910, New York City: Issy Stochkowitz Birth Certificate

3/19/1910 Boston, MA: Fannie Starshevitz Slotnick Death. She was the sister of Matys Nosan Stasowicz, aunt of Isaac et al.

Note that her father's name was Shepsel

4/21/1910, New York City: Stachowitz family Census

7/26/1910, NYC: Boruch (later, "Ben") Staschewitz arrives.

9/27/1913, New York City: Isaac Stackowitz Declaration of Intention

6/1/1915, New York City Census: Stachowitz

1921 Boston Directory: Benjamin, Isaac and Samuel Stachowitz.

1922 Auburn, Maine, Directory: Stackowitz

August 18, 1922: Massachusetts Death Record: Sarah Stokovitz, wife of Matthew Stokovitz.

May 22, 1926 City of Boston Death Certificate: Mathus Stakofsky

May 22, 1926. Anshi Poland Cemetery Central Street, Woburn, MA: Section: C-10 Grave: 16. photographed by Bill Porteous.
Matisyahu son of Shevsee./ Mathew Stachowitz

July 12, 1928 Paris Birth Jean Robert Waldman to Georges Waldman and Betsy Stochowitz

1937 Ethel Stachowitz Queen Mary manifest

12/5/1941 Boston Jewish Advocate: Ethel & Isaac Stachowitz. Ben and Hyman attended.

6/17/1947, Strafford County NH Probate Court: Stackowitz to Stack

Curiously, in the 1960s or 1970s, per Masonic records, Melvin Slotnick, grandson of Fannie Starshevitz Slotnick, changed his name to Melvin Stack.
Massachusetts, Mason Membership Cards, 1733-1990; Thanks to Eric Gardner for the tip!

1 Shepsl Stasiovich b: c1816
.. +Bayl Nysonovicheva b: c 1831
..... 2 Mathew Mattias Matityahu Nisan HaLevi Stasiovich b: 10/27/1855 in Zakroczym, Poland
.........+Sarah Sura Krajna Krydl Zlotnicka b: 1846 - 1853
..... 2 Fruma Fannie Starshevitz b: Abt. 1873 in Poland d: 19 Mar 1910 in Boston, MA
......... +Jacob Slotnick b: Bet. 1866 - 1868 in Poland d: 04 Jun 1938 in Boston, MA

Mathew/Matityahu was Isaac's & Hyman's and Ben's father. His name appears on their headstones. His sister Fruma/Fannie did come to the US and her (and Mathew/Matityahu's) father's name appears on her death certificate and headstone.

Of possible relevance:

Alexander Beider, A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire, Avoteynu Inc, Teaneck, NJ, 1993

page 559

Stasevich (Taurida, Warszawa) FS: see Èster.
Stashevskij (Ekater. gub.) T: see Ostashevskij.

page 200

Èster (Shavli) F: from .the given name Ester ('ester' in Yiddish) {Ister, Esterman (Esterman (Eterman), Eterman, !sterman, Osterman, Asterman, Vesterman (BeI'terman)), Esterov, Esterovich (Esterovich), Estert?vskij (Estirovskij), Esterzon (yasterzon), Oster, Ostorskij, Estrov, Estrovich} . The original Hebrew form of this given name is '!!.es!eyr' (Esther 2:15). Hypocoristic forms: Estra ('estre' in Yiddish)· {Estrin, Istra}, Esterka (,esterke' in Yiddish) (this form was not listed by Kulisher, but it was used at the beginning of the 20th century) {Esterkes, Esterkin, Esterkis}, Esya ('esye' in Yiddish)· {Esin (Essin, Esin), Esman (Essman), Eshkind}, Es'ka or Eska ('eske' in Yiddish)· {Es'kin, Eskin (Eskin, Askin), Eskis}, Iska or Is'ka ('iske' in Yiddish)· {Iskin, Iskevich, Is'kevich} , Esta ('este' in Yiddish)· {Estin, Estis}, Eta or Etya ('ete' or 'etye' in Yiddish) {Etenzon (Atenzon), Etinzon, Etes, Etin (EUin, Getin), Etis (Elis), Elkind

page 201

(Elkin), Elman (Olman), Eoo}, Etka ('etke' in Yiddish) {Et/res, Elkin (Elkind, AIkin), Elkis}, Etel' ('etl' in Yiddish) {Elel'zon, Elel's, Elelis, Enel~ Enel'}, Etlya ('elle' in Yiddish) {Ellis, Ellin, Etlinov}, Stera (,stere' in Yiddish)' {Sterenzon, Sterin, Sterman, Slarinzun}, Shtera ('shtere' in Yiddish) {ShIer, Shlerenson, Shlerenzon, Shlerin, Shlerman (Shlirman)}, Stira (,stire' in Yiddish) {Stiro (Styro), Slir, Sliranzun, Slires (Stiress), Stiris, Styrin (Shchirin), Styrman}, Sterka ('sterke' in Yiddish) {Sterkin (Sterkin, Shcherkin)} , Sterlya ('sterle' in Yiddish)" {Ster1~ Sterlin (Sterling, Shterling), Slerlinson, Starlinzon}, Stesya (,stesye' in Yiddish) from Stera {Stesis (Tesis), Stasevich} , Steska* or Steshka' ('steske' or 'steshke' in Yiddish) from Stera {Steskovich, Steshkovich}, Sterna and Shterna ('sterne' and 'shterne' in Yiddish) from Stera and Shtera (probably, these forms were influenced by the existence of the Yiddish word 'shtern', meaning 'star') {Stemin, Steminson, Stamis, Shtemin}, Stisya or Stysya ('stisye' in Yiddish) from Stira {Stisis, Stisson (Slison), Stys (Shtys), Stysis}, Tisya ('tisye' in Yiddish) from Stisya {TlSin, TIzon}, Stiska or Styska ('stiske' in Yiddish) from Stira {Stiskin, Styskin}, Stelya ('stele' in Yiddish)' from Stera {Stel'son}, Shtelya ('shtele' in Yiddish) from Shtera {Shtel'zon}, Stekhna ('stekhne' in Yiddish) from Stera, Stekha or Shtekha ('stekhe' or 'shtekhe' in Yiddish)" from Stekhna {Stekhin, Stekenzon, Shtekenzon, Shtekhin}, Fira ('fire' in Yiddish) from Esfir' (Russian form for Biblical Esther) {Firin, Firun, Firzon (Frizon), Ferson, Khirich}, Firka ('firke' in Yiddish) from Fira {Firkin, Khirkes}. Pet form: Estulya ('estule' in Yiddish)" {Estulin}.

page 559

Stashevskij (Ekater. gub.) T: see Ostashevskij.

page 438

Ostashevskij (Uman') T: from the village Ostashevo (Lepel' d.){Slashevskij}.

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