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Thorner Family from Brzezno or Brezezno or perhaps  Brzeziny, Poland

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from a document from Paul Thorner
Chshunstovsky *** חשאןסטאווסקי *** OR ***חשאן סטאווסקי

Children of Gedalia Chshunstofsky Thorner b: 1854 in Poland +Glicke/Gussie Teronchek b: 1857 in Poland

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Gedalia Thorner
1854, near Warsaw, Poland
7/28/1932, Brooklyn, NY
c1920 Gedalia or Gustav Thorner
Collection of Barbara Wiseman Steckler
NOTE: I am not convinced that this is an image of Gedalia. I know of no other reference to him as Gustav. There was actually another Gustav Thorner, born 1868 in Wlocklawek, Poland, near our Thorners. I am in touch with his great grand nephew Brian Thorner, but he doesn't have this photo.

Brian's GGGrandfather Harris Thorner's death certificate said he died in 1923 at 238 Hart Street, Brooklyn.  His obituary in the Brooklyn Standard Union further stated that he died "at his home, 238 Hart Street." Paul Thorner was born at 238 Hart Street in 1922.  According to the 1920 Census, this is also where Paul's grandfather, Abraham Chshunstofsky Thorner lived.

Gedalia Thorner
circa 1854-7/28/1932 Brooklyn
Gustav Thorner
circa 1868 Wlocklawek, Poland-1/23/1931, Brooklyn
1903 08-8 Gedalia Chrzadowski & family manifest 1888 Gustav Thorner Suevia manifest
  1894 NYC marriage Gustav Thorner
  Father's Name: Hirsh Thorner; Mother's Name: Hannah
1932 07-28 Gedalia Thorner headstone FindAGrave
1931 01-23 Gustave Thorner headstone

Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, NY. Section A4.
Glika daughter of Meir. Gedalia Eliezer, son of Yehuda Leib.
Wolf Thorner
Isidor Thorner
+Getel; +Dina Frankel Levitch
Theodore Thorner
+ Minnie Sommerman
David Thorner
+ Lena Chodosh
Meyer Thorner
+ Bloma Herchman
Abraham Thorner
+ Rebecca Nelson
Dora Thorner Schraub
+Ben Schraub
Anna Rose Thorner +William Glaser; +Wince
10/15/1874, Poland
10/15/1878, Poland
1876-1879, Poland
9/3/1932, NY, NY
12/8/1879, Poland
2/15/1942, Brooklyn, NY
3/1/1887, Warsaw, Poland
3/13/1941, Biddeford, ME
2/18/1896, Warsaw, Poland
9/5/1972, NY
10/21/1901, Warsaw, Poland

August 18, 1903 Manifest of Konigin Luise: Gedaliya, Glicke, Abram, Dora, and Anna Chrzadowski are going to be met by son Wolf Thorner

Theodore’s daughter Ruth mentioned that Wolf Thorner met him when he arrived in US in 1898

circa 1906
circa 1913
circa 1912 New York

10/24/1933 FindAGrave
6/2/1963 FindAGrave
9/3/1932 FindAGrave
2/15/1942 FindAGrave
3/13/1941, FindAGrave


Hyman (Harry) Thorner
Leonard Thorner
Isidor Thorner
Jerome Thorner
Irving Thorner
Murray Schraub
Phillip Glaser
6/17/1909, NYC
c 1906, NY
9/9/1905, New York
3/12/1913, Brooklyn, NY
2/1/1962, Biddeford, ME
1922, NY
1937 photo
1942 photo
Bertha Thorner
Ruth Thorner
Pauline Thorner
Pauline Thorner
Ada Helen Schraub
Gordon Leonard Glaser
1905, Connecticut
7/4/1912, Brooklyn, NY
6/27/2005, Chapel Hill, NC
c 1908, NY
8/8/1907, New York
10/2/1998, San Diego, CA
1/30/1916 Brooklyn, NY
5/24/2012, Houston, TX
11/2/1925, Brooklyn, NY
1982 photo
1929 photo
1942 photo
Mollie V. Thorner
Meyer C. Thorner
Molly Grace Thorner
10/3/1909, NY
6/2/1910, NY
April 27, 1909, New York
2/18/1921, Biddeford, ME
3/6/1999, Manchester, NH
1936 photo
1942 photo
Jacob (Jack) Cooper Thorner
Ruth Thorner
5/26/1910, Colchester, CT
6/16/2002, Glen Ridge, NJ
c 1914, NY

New! Two other close branches of the Thorner family
The Two Lous and the Thorners of Chatham

Paul Thorner's Branch

Descendants of Gedalia Chshunstofsky (Thorner) & Glicke Teronchek
updated 4/14/2013 now descending from Gedalia's parents Louis & Anna

Background docs Gedalia Chrzadowski Thorner (1854-1932) and Glicke/Gussie Teronchek Chrzadowski Thorner (1857-1926)
updated 7/31/2014 + the mysterious Wolf Thorner

Isidore Chrzadowski Thorner (1874-1933)
updated 3/28/2012 + 1903 Manifest + 1909 NYC Home for the Aged & Infirm

Theodore Chrzadowski Thorner (1878-1963)
updated 3/3/2011 + 1918 WWI Draft Reg + 1905 NY Census + Naturalization Card

David Chrzonstowski Thorner (c 1879-9/3/1932)
updated 3/31/2015 +death date

Meyer Chrzastowski Chrzastewski Thorner (12/8/1879-2/15/1942 )
updated 3/31/2015 + death date

Abraham Chrzadowski Thorner (1887-1941)
updated 2/6/2013 + 1915 NY Census + 1940 Census + Melvin Birth + 1923 fire

Dora Chrzadowski Thorner Schraub (1895-?)
updated 1/30/2011 + 1920 Census + 1905 NY Census

Anna Rose Chrzadowski Thorner Glaser (1901-?)
updated 1/22/2011 + 1905 NY Census


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